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Enabling global expansion in the energy and environment sector, one environmental translation at a time 

Breaking the silos: Digital transformation in the energy industry

With environment and sustainability becoming the most pressing issues of our lives and corporate environmental awareness growing, these are undoubtedly challenging times for the industry.  

With the sector going through accelerated changes, energy and utilities companies need to stay on the forefront to capitalize on the emerging opportunities towards better services, performance and business results. At the same time, business across other industries are looking to adopt environmentally-friendly measures that power their international expansion. 

Acolad environmental solutions combine a tailored portfolio of language services and digital content solutions to help utilities companies, but also other businesses, NGOs and government organizations to be more agile and achieve global sustainable growth. 

Expert knowledge

Our translators undergo a rigorous testing process and are specialists in the fields of energy, environment and green economy. 

High-quality, accurate translations

We are ISO:2015 certified and apply structured quality checks, so you can rest assured that you’ll receive precise, top-quality translations. 

Efficient and seamless service

From requesting a quote to receiving your translations, we do everything to ensure that the translation process is easy for you! 

The latest technology

We're equipped with leading translation technology that does not harm the environment. 

Acolad acts with speed, they have the quality sense and they are competitive with price - those are three aspects that I am looking for in a partner.

Magnus Roth 
Group Category Manager, Alfa Laval 

Find out about our long-term partnership with Alfa Laval, where Acolad provides technical translations into 28 languages.

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Featured Solutions for Energy & Utilities

Our scalable solutions are designed to guide utilities and energy companies towards utmost productivity, reliability and efficiency

Consulting Services

A full range of engineering documentation consulting services for the energy sector, with a successful track record of international projects and multidisciplinary expertise. 

  • Language & localization consulting 
  • Process design and optimization 
  • Technology recommendation 
  • Project lifecycle management 
  • Performance and compliance assessments 

Language Services

Multilingual communication solutions for the energy and utilities sector expertly delivered in more than 500 language combinations.

  • Translation and interpretation services 
  • Website and software localization  
  • Elearning content services & elearning localization 
  • Multilingual content creation 
  • Language and cultural training 

Nivos Oy: expanding knowledge of business practices in other cultures

Watch the video to find out how language training helps multi-utility company Nivos Oy serve their customers better 

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Technical Communication

An efficient solution to produce high-quality content for manuals, instructions, catalogues, Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) applications, marketing campaigns and more. 

  • Content authoring and revision tools 
  • Multiformat publishing (including AR/VR apps) 
  • Centralized knowledge platform 
  • 3D design and engineering 
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements 

Employee Experience

Scalable solutions for document and asset management throughout the industrial lifecycle, optimizing collaboration between engineers, managers and contractors. 

  • Engineering information management  
  • Digital workplace & corporate intranet portals 
  • Business process automation  
  • Archiving and document digitization 
  • ECM training services 

Customer Experience

Tailored digital platforms to create consistent multichannel experiences in every interaction across your website and business touchpoints.  

  • Multilingual and multi-device websites  
  • Intranets and digital workplaces  
  • Aerospace Viewers 
  • Business intelligence  
  • Marketing analytics  

Energy & Environment Industry Expertise

We offer our global content and digital expertise to help companies face the challenges of the energy sector

  • Renewable resources & renewable energy 
  • Alternative energy 
  • Solar energy 
  • Wind power 
  • Waste management 
  • Recycling 
  • Pollution control 
  • Organic and sustainable agriculture 
  • Hydropower 
  • Green constructions 
  • Climate change 
  • Forestry-related documents

Energy and environment translation services

Energy and the environment are important issues on a global scale, and your business needs to be able to communicate with clients and stakeholders in many different markets. Acolad has significant expertise in the energy sector and can offer you accurate and reliable translations—whether you're a private firm, public authority, association or NGO. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you'll receive a precise, high-quality translation of your energy and environmental documents. 

An understanding of intellectual property and patent translations

We’ve got what it takes to help you with the translation of patent specifications, international search reports, written opinions of patent examiners, license agreements and trademark registration applications. 

A customized approach to your international environmental projects

We design, implement and run intelligent content solutions to support energy and utilities companies along the power-industry value chain. Thanks to our innovative technology and a global network of multidisciplinary experts, we can help you rethink your strategic approach and improve efficiency while optimizing interactions with your customers and suppliers. 

A team of expert translators

At Acolad, we make sure that your language projects are assigned to translators who specialize in the energy and environment industries. Our translators have in-depth knowledge in a wide range of topics, including recycling, waste treatment, renewable energy, water management, electricity, oil and gas, nuclear, and national and international regulations. They master the terminology used in the energy field and are able to convey the technical content of your documents accurately and precisely in your target language. 

Fast turnaround times and efficient project management

We understand that translation projects can have short deadlines. That’s why we can provide you with a project estimate in under an hour. Our team of expert project managers will work with you to understand your project needs and make sure that your deadlines are met. No matter how complex your project is, we can find a solution that will provide you with a high-quality, on-time translation. 

All your different document formats

At Acolad, we can meet all of your energy and environmental translation needs. With their technical expertise in the field of environmental sciences to back them up, our professional linguists can handle all energy content types seamlessly, including ecological, social, environmental or governance issues. 

  • Patents 
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Installation Manuals 
  • Environmental Policies 
  • Corporate Agreements 
  • Sustainable Development & CSR Reports 
  • Environmental Impact Assessments 
  • Mining Researches 
  • Technical Reports 
  • Quality Procedure Documents (HSE, QSE) 
  • Human Resources, Training and Elearning Materials 
  • Ethics & Environmental Charters  
  • Multimedia Marketing Contents 
  • Website & Blog Localization  

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