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Technical translation: a necessity

Technical translation is of major importance to the millions of companies who sell and manufacture their products all over the world. It is essential that the users of your products be given correct and understandable information in their own language. Do you want to sell your products and services in new markets? Then make sure that your documents are translated by professionals to guarantee that your content is accurate.

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Technical translation is a particular category of professional translation that usually involves complex documents. In the era of digital technology and innovation, it covers many domains with a strong technological element: energy, mechanical engineering, automotive, IT, life sciences, and many more. Some of these documents are intended for professionals from the sector, such as patents, reports, specifications, etc., while others are for end users, who have more limited technical knowledge. Caution and the ability to express concepts in layman's terms are therefore essential for translating your product sheets, instructions and user manuals. It's essential that your content is adapted to your target audience.

Our expertise

Whatever your company’s line of business, Acolad can offer you technical translation services that are adapted to all your content. Experts in their field, our technical translators know the official terminology and carry out all the research required to guarantee that the final documents are of good quality. We make sure that the information is accurate, that the right terminology is used and that the content is clear so that users understand how to handle your tools and products safely.

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