Technical Translation Services

Technical documentation translations that help you communicate product information effectively with customers, suppliers, installers and end-users.

Smarter product information with technical translation

Consistent product experiences in any language

Ensure consumers, suppliers, partners, installers and end-users effectively understand and use your products correctly worldwide.

Multi-format technical manual translation

Deploy your technical information to different touchpoints, from augmented reality and mobile apps to rich media and chat bots.

Faster product releases with AI technology

Producing large technical documents can be complex and costly. Make the most of AI, automation and language technologies to maximize efficiency.

“Acolad acts with speed, they have the quality sense and they are competitive with price – those are the three aspects that I am looking for in a partner.” 

Magnus Roth
Group Category Manager, Alfa Laval

“We have found a proofreading process with Acolad that is working very well, and we feel confident that we will get the help we need in this quite complicated procedure.” 

Göran Lenz
Technical Documentation Engineer, Alfa Laval

Why Acolad

Technical content solutions for consistent, omnichannel product experiences

Accurate technical translations through expertise

Our linguists are certified specialists in their respective fields, well-versed in the proper terminology and adept at carrying out the necessary research for high-quality documents.

Leverage the latest technology

When speed is of the essence, opt for neural machine translation to translate large projects quickly and efficiently – but expect high-quality results with expert human post-editing.

Versatile tech doc tooling and format compatibility

Whether you’re working with CAD, MadCap Flare, Visio or InDesign, we can work with virtually any type of technical writing tool or format through our desktop publishing (DTP) solutions.

Technical terminology management

We use the latest tools to ensure all technical term translation conforms to your expected technical terminology and glossaries and can create them for you as well.

Connect for seamless integration

Acolad’s innovative client portal and our suite of connectors and integrations with CMS, CCMS, PIM and other specialized tools mean your translation project workflows run seamlessly.

Reuse and repurpose to optimize your budget

Trim your budget with a translation memory. We store previously used terms when working on the translation of technical documents so that you don’t pay to translate them again.

Help the whole world understand your technical documents

Connect with our technical translation experts to find the best approach to adapt your complex documents to new markets.

Frequently asked questions

Still have questions about technical translations? We have answers

It refers to the process of translating the technical documents that many businesses use, such as user manuals, product specifications and more. By translating with the right expertise you can ensure a much wider audience can make the most of the key information these documents contain. Translating technical documentation needs a combination of language proficiency and subject matter expertise in the respective technical field.

Our technical document translation services include, but are not limited to: installation, operation, maintenance and user manuals; material safety data sheets (MSDS), standard operating procedures (SOPs), technical drawings (CAD files), engineering documents, processes, patents, tender documents (RFPs, RFIs, RFQs), technical data sheets, user guides, leaflets, packaging, product sheets, training manuals, and more. Request a quote to get a technical translation proposal tailored to your business case.

As a top 10 global translation company, Acolad has a wide network of industry specialists, so we can pair you with the best translators to ensure your content is translated with the utmost accuracy. Our expertise also means we can take care of many more of the cost-intensive processes in the workflow involved in creating these technical documents. We can also use innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence, neural machine translation and connectivity solutions to make sure that when you come back to update documents, you won’t be paying to translate the same phrases again. Request a quote to learn more about our technical translation offering.