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Legal Translation Services

High-quality legal translations that meet your deadlines

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Responsive and available

Our team is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. We respond to your requests in under an hour and are able to handle large projects in record time.

Personalised service

A dedicated project manager will be your contact for all of your translation projects, for a seamless, easy experience.

Complete confidentiality

Data security and confidentiality are essential in the legal sector. For the most confidential projects, we offer the option of on-site translations and NDAs.

Legal translation services

Legal translation projects can be complex, and they require  specialist’s knowledge. At Acolad, we work exclusively with expert legal translators to ensure that you receive accurate translations that communicate your message exactly as you had intended it. Legal translation requires excellent linguistic skills but also specific knowledge of the legal sector: expertise in legal concepts and fields such as contracts, articles of agreement, court judgements, and petitions is essential. Our team of specialist legal translators have passed rigorous screening and are able to reproduce the source document in a new language, while respecting the terminology that your firm uses. 


Responsive service

Legal translation projects often have tight deadlines or change unexpectedly, so our team is available 24/7. Thanks to our team of expert legal translators, we can meet your urgent translation needs, while delivering excellent quality. We efficiently complete even the most complex and urgent projects, and our expert project managers are there to accompany you every step of the way. We have experience working with law firms, internal legal departments, insurance companies, and many other firms to provide top-quality legal translations within tight deadlines.

Responsive attitude

Sworn translations by Acolad

At Acolad, our network of certified sworn translators and our extensive experience providing legal translations enable us to translate official documents so that they can be accepted by the relevant organisations. If you want to make sure that your legal documents go through the appropriate certification process, please contact us for a consultation. 


Acolad can meet all of your legal translation needs: 

  • Civil acts 
  • Contracts 
  • Patents 
  • Writs of summons 
  • Rulings 
  • Articles of association 
  • Sworn translations 
  • Certification, legalisation and apostille for all legal documents 

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