Intellectual Property Translations

Are your legal and patent translations secure − regardless of geography and sector? 

87% of the company value come from intangible assets like patents and trademarks.

Intellectual property is a critical component for businesses worldwide, but foreign filing can be a difficult process to navigate. 

On one hand, countries have different procedures and unique requirements, which makes it difficult to ensure quality supervision and competitive pricing across the board.  On the other hand, having multiple filing receipts and invoices in various currencies can be an administrative headache. And although instructing a firm to coordinate the process may make things easier on your side, it also increases your filing costs dramatically. 

This ever-increasing expense and complexity of conventional foreign filing makes it a costly, time-consuming and burdensome affair.

The answer? Acolad’s global patent and trademark filing. 

A seamless global filing experience

Powerful filing solutions to assist with strategic decision-making across the entire IP lifecycle

Single point of contact

The centralized filing process allows you to send one single set of instructions to file across the world, reducing administrative burden.

Amplified quality supervision

Our internal associate vetting processes add an extra level of accountability to our legal, linguistic and technical expertise.

Significant cost savings

We can reduce costs by 30% or more, due to the volume of work we provide and the  relationships with our associate partners.

Best practices for legal translation

Learn about what best practices we follow when adapting your legal and IP documents for international markets.

The smarter choice for global patent and trademark filing

In a time where the largest companies in the world are in a constant battle with counterfeiters looking to take advantage of their brands, having the right partner is key to protect your intellectual property in the global marketplace.

Acolad helps organizations like yours to protect their competitive advantage worldwide. We make processes easy to understand, navigate and implement, while helping you maximize your foreign filing budget.

Centralized and consistent intellectual property management

Through years of experience in working with hundreds of companies and law firms, we developed a fluid system, geared to manage intellectual property portfolios of leading organizations worldwide.

Acolad offers a suite of personalized tailored services for foreign filing in all regions: 

  • PCT National Phase Filing
  • European Validation
  • Direct Filing (Paris Convention)
  • Patent Translations
  • Trademarks
  • Renewals

Why file with Acolad

  • Exclusive focus on patent and trademark filing
  • Global reach and ability to file into +120 regions
  • Technical expertise in all industry domains
  • Dedicated case manager with Fortune 500 experience
  • Round the clock support in multiple time zones
  • Full time access to an assigned senior associate

Simplify your global IP process and maximize your filing budget

Do you need help with any intellectual property project? We're here for you!