Technical translation

Technical translations treat complex documents, specific terminology and diverse audiences. We provide the experience and expertise to get you covered! 

Technical documentation for international audiences

Your clients need clear, correct and easily understandable information about your products and services – in their own language. You want to sell internationally? Acolad's expert linguists only translate and localize into their native language and always have extensive industry experience. This ensures 100% accuracy for your content, easy to understand in any language. 


Specialized technical linguists provide first-class industry services, translating into their native language. 


Our technical translation services are always individually tailored – to your content. 

Attention to detail

The result: High-quality documents which are showcasing your products and services, e.g. software.

Technical translations that target the right audience

Today's industries, e.g. energy, mechanical engineering, computer science, software engineering, life sciences, automotive, etc., deal with rather complex documents. Some are meant for industry professionals, such as patents, reports, specifications – others for final users with limited technical knowledge. Acolad helps you tailor your documentation to your target audience. 

Industry-specific translation services

From software to engineering, Acolad's translation services are perfectly adapted to your content. Our linguists are specialists in their respective technology fields, well-versed in the proper terminology and carry out all necessary research for high-quality documents. The results are accurate and clear – so that your clients can safely employ your tools and products. 

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