Today’s consumers expect information to be available in their native languages. Is your content living up to your global brand voice across markets? 

Creative, customer-centric global marketing strategies

When communicating your brand internationally, words may take on new meanings, images may have different implications and colors may suggest other emotions. While in China customers prioritize design and bright colors, in Germany credibility and authenticity are key to telling the story. 

So, when it comes to your international marketing strategy, how can you be sure you don’t lose the essence of your carefully crafted messaging? 

The answer? Transcreation. 

Local relevance, with global reach 

  • Content that resonates 
  • More engaged audiences 
  • Localized storytelling 
  • SEO-friendly 
  • Higher CTA conversion 
Centralizing all of our globalization efforts to one provider made our multilingual content shine and created one consistent brand voice for our global consumers.

VP of Branding & Packaging,
Global Toy Manufacturer

Content marketing across borders: different purposes, different localization approaches

Most companies are unhappy with their current marketing translations – are you investing in the right services to scale your content marketing efforts? 

If you’re looking at purely informational messages that don’t need cultural context and won’t be subject to any misinterpretations, a standard translation might be the best choice. For example, when you are adapting content like technical brochures, the focus is on factual and technical accuracy, using a smooth, readable style. 

When it comes to your brand’s personality, a simple transfer to the target language won’t do – as correct as it may be. The tone might be too familiar or too formal for some markets, similar words can evoke a different context in different languages. To ensure your statement is still strong, but easily accepted by the target audience you need professional marketing translation. 

When you want to create the same feeling or reaction, inciting a call to action or evoking confidence across different audiences, you need to consider all cultural peculiarities. In this case, transcreation allows you to recreate the same impact of the source message. The focus is not on technical accuracy, but more preserving your message’s intent. The approach is creative, with importance on your audience engagement and the campaign conversion goals. 

Global Brand Storytelling: Thinking Small to Scale Big

Tips for creating an effective global content marketing strategy and making it work at scale

Communicating your brand and value proposition effectively to audiences across the globe 

Our transcreation services are all about taking a concept in one language and recreating it, keeping the essence of your message, but culturally adapting style and voice for each of your target markets. We can tailor small or large-scale advertising campaigns, highly creative slogans or marketing campaign copy in any language or format while maintaining the integrity of your global brand’s messaging and style.  

Best-In-Class Creative Talent

Our transcreation teams have experienced copywriters and linguists with the right creative fusion.  

Local Expertise

With a deep understanding of the cultural nuances of every region, our native linguists, writers and editors deliver truly localized content. 

Unique Creative Methodology

With our own methodology to debrief, monitor and evaluate each project, we ensure transcreation deliveries that hit the mark every time. 

Multilingual SEO Proficiency

Combining advanced keyword research with our multilingual SEO focus and transcreation expertise, we optimize your content in every language. 

The Culture Map

Erin Meyer, Author of “The Culture Map,” provides a field-tested model for decoding how cultural differences impact international business.  

Give your global brand an authentic voice in your target markets.

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