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Post-edited machine translation

The best of artificial intelligence and human expertise

Combining artificial and human intelligence

The initial machine-translated text is then reviewed by a post-editor

Harnessing technology to increase productivity

Technology can be used to translate large projects within tight deadlines


Technology and human expertise are combined to produce exceptional results

What is post-editing?

Post-editing consists of an in-depth proofread of a text translated by automatic translation software. From the software's perspective, sentences are just a series of words without any connection to people. Unlike for a human reader, a cultural reference or historic date means nothing to the computer. The translation software can't understand errors like meaning mistakes or manage masculine/feminine grammar changes. During the proofreading stage, the post-editor pays close attention to these aspects to ensure the translation is accurate and high quality.

post edition definition

Why should you use this technique?

The purpose of post-editing is to increase productivity and meet clients' language needs by translating more quickly; this is achieved through a combination of machine translation technologies and human expertise. Post-editing is perfect for when you need to translate a large amount of text quickly. It helps you keep your deadlines in emergency situations, such as when you have to translate professional documents for legal reasons.

why post edition

Do you have a translation project with post-editing in mind? Let us know!

When should this technology be used?

Acolad's project managers will carry out an in-depth analysis of your content to determine if machine translation is a suitable option. We will offer you a customized solution as soon as possible. Post-edited machine translation should be considered in the following situations:

  • simple content that doesn't need a specific editorial style (such as e-commerce product descriptions)
  • very large volumes of content (several million words)
  • certain language pairs
When should this technology be used
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