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In a world where automation has been gaining ground for several decades, machine translation has never stopped evolving and improving. It now plays a key role in the translation market. More and more professionals are opting to use machine translation to translate projects that are suited to this type of technology—especially when they are long. While this method has become more reliable over the years, a human proofreader still needs to revise the target file to make sure the final product is well-written. This step is called post-editing.   

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Acolad employs linguistic experts with extensive post-editing experience. If you choose this option, your documents will be sent to an experienced translator who will make the necessary adjustments to a text produced by machine translation. The goal is to meet your quality standards, no matter what they are. If you would like for your content to be translated so you can understand the general meaning, the post-editing stage will be brief, but the final result will be precise and comprehensive. If you would like a smooth, natural-sounding text, there will be more post-editing and the text will read like a traditional translation.

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