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Translation memory

Optimise all your translation projects

Efficiency & speed

Reduced delivery times

Better quality

Coherence with previous translations


Content that has already been translated and repetitions bring the price down

What is a translation memory?

A translation memory is a language database that is specially designed for each client, and where all your previous translations are stored. This technology searches through all previous translations to identify segments that feature again in new projects. The translation memory becomes more efficient the more often it is used. It guarantees that your translations remain consistent by ensuring that the same terminology is used. Costs will be reduced, there will be less need for exchanges and your translations will be delivered more quickly.

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How does it work?

The translation memory recycles all previously translated content and excludes all segments that are repeated from the quote. The algorithms identify and suggest previously translated sentence segments to translators. Highly secure, it allows several translators to work on a project at the same time in the cloud.

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When is this technology recommended?

Translation memories are particularly useful for large volumes of text and for content with many repetitions, requiring no particular editorial style. Some examples of content:

  • e-commerce product sheets
  • user guides and manuals
  • application interfaces
  • And many more...
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