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Automatic Translation

A fast and efficient solution for translating large projects

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Adapted for large projects

Acolad’s translation software is perfect for handling high volumes of content.

Data security

Our automatic translation technology keeps your data secure and confidential.

Reduces time

Perfect for when you need large projects translated quickly.

What is Neural Machine Translation?

Neural machine translation uses neural network approaches to build on previous versions of machine translation. We offer the latest neural machine translation technologies that can help you handle large projects quickly and efficiently. Machine translation can be a good solution for basic content without a strong editorial style, such as product files or technical documentation. Our project managers will work with you to determine if your project is well-suited to be machine translated.

Neural Machine Translation

Confidentiality and security

When you work with us, you can rest assured that your data is secure and private. On the other hand, data translated through free online machine translation tools is not secure and is searchable online. Our machine translation tools provide the same speed and efficiency, while also guaranteeing complete confidentiality. This is especially important in the age of GDPR, because as a data controller, you need to ensure that any suppliers who handle personally identifiable information (PII) are compliant with the regulations.

Confidentiality & Security

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Flexible and personalised

Our expert project managers will work with you to determine your company’s needs and design a solution that is right for you. All of our technologies and services can be combined to ensure that you get the perfect end result. Our neural machine translation technology can be paired with our post-edition service, to benefit from the speed of automatic translation paired with the editing skills of our specialist translators. In addition, it can be combined with your company’s translation memories and glossaries to ensure consistency and coherency.

Flexible and personalised machine translation projects
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