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In a world where automation has been developing for several decades, machine translation has been evolving and improving to the extent that it now plays a major role on the market. An increasingly large number of professionals are choosing to trust a machine to translate projects that are suited to it, particularly when they are lengthy. And although this method has become more reliable over the years, it still requires human intervention to revise the target language in order to guarantee high quality. This is called post-editing.   

Kääntämisen optimointi ja post-editointi

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Acolad’s teams of language specialists include post-editing experts. If you choose this option, your documents will be assigned to experienced translators who will make the necessary changes to the text produced through machine translation, with the aim of always meeting your quality requirements. If the purpose of your translation is simply to understand the content, the post-editing will be limited but the end result will be complete and accurate. If you need a fluid and natural text, the post-editing process will be more thorough and the text will read like a traditional translation.

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