Translation Memory (TM)

Consistency and accuracy are key in any content – but this can become tricky once it gets translated! This is where Translation Memories (TM) come in.

What is a translation memory (TM)?

A translation memory is a language database, individually designed for each client. It searches in all your previous projects, to identify segments that feature again in the current one. The more often it's being applied, the more efficient the technology becomes – ensuring coherent usage of the same terminology. Processes are streamlined, costs and turnaround times reduced.

More efficiency

Reuse of reoccurring terms and segments reduces manual work and saves time.

Better quality

Coherence in the use of terms and messages is key for any brand!

Less cost

You don't pay for previously translated content again in any future project.

Translation memory technology: Increasing quality and consistency of communication worldwide

Find out how we helped a global manufacturer increase brand recognition and strengthen customer engagement globally, while keeping costs under control.

Does a translation memory (TM) make sense for your projects?

A TM makes sense for most business cases, as most industries have a specific wording – and so should your organization: It's part of your brand identity, and consistent usage is crucial across any content, any messaging. Other than that, TMs are ideal for large translation volumes and repetitive content such as e-commerce product sheets, user manuals, app interfaces etc.

What about data security and confidentiality of translation memories?

Your content is yours. So are any of your data. Our systems are configured to enable highly protected, cloud-based real-time cooperation on translations, with privacy and data security being the foundation of our business. Acolad ensures that all data is being kept confidential throughout each step of any workflow – naturally 100% compliant with strictest legal frameworks.

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