Machine Translation (MT) Post-Editing

Post-editing adds human expertise to artificial intelligence: you'll get the best quality from machine translation – while still saving time and money! 

Why is post-editing crucial in Machine Translation?

A machine translation engine wouldn't recognize cultural references or allusions to historic dates, for instance, and might thus produce mistranslations. But most importantly, only humans guarantee perfect alignment when it comes to more subtle linguistic matters, such as style. Post-editors pay great attention to all details – guaranteeing high-quality, accurate output! 

Harnessing technology to increase productivity

Technology can be used to translate large projects within tight deadlines!

Joining artificial and human intelligence

The machine-translated text is being reviewed and refined by a post-editor. 

The best of two worlds – in one

Technological and human expertise are combined – with exceptional results.

Case Study: MT and post-editing – this is what success looks like

Learn how we helped a leading high-tech giant keep consistent terminology and branding, cut turnaround times and drive more business.

No one-size-fits-all approach

Each translation and localization project is unique – and so should be the solution. Once the decision for Machine Translation (MT) involvement is made, you already guarantee yourself more efficiency, shorter turnaround times and cost savings. But to safeguard quality, you'll need post-editing. And how much? This calls for individual evaluation, to do each project justice. 

Machine translation with light post-editing

Light post-editing fixes critical typos, grammar and other machine-induced errors. This option is likely to be the right choice for internal, short-lived and/ or purely informative content. Typical examples are wiki-type content, support answers and technical documentations. Light post-editing enhances the MT output, without stretching turnaround times and costs by a lot.

Machine translation with full post-editing

Full post-editing takes the MT output to the level of a high-quality professional translation, fully adjusted to your terminology, style and other requirements – critical for your marketing and website content, but also for legal documents, product information etc. While the quality reflects in a stretch in cost and turnaround times, it guarantees the highest value overall. 

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