Machine Translation Services

From AI-driven machine translation consulting to professional post-editing, we design and implement tailored strategies for your translation needs.

Global communication made easy with machine translation technology

Speed up your translation processes

Harness the power of neural machine translation to deliver large translation volumes in the face of short deadlines.

Make the most of your translation budget

Cost-effective machine translation built on the latest tech helps deliver maximum ROI in your target languages.

Tailor your translations to suit your industry

Customize your translation engine to deliver translations perfectly suited to your voice and industry vertical.

“We knew there was great potential in embracing MT. It was crucial for us to find a translation partner with experience and the right mindset to develop a solution that could help us achieve efficiencies.”

Ester Caduff
Head of Language Services Department, Migros

State-of-the-art machine translation expertise

Machine translation consulting

Create the business case for implementing machine translation in your organization.


End-to-end MT support

MT engine selection, workflow architectures, translation memory integration, quality plan development, user adoption and fine-tuning.


Machine translation post-editing

Add expert linguists and machine translation post editors to artificial intelligence to unlock the best machine translation quality.

Self-service machine translation

Machine translation software that can be integrated into our client portal or your existing systems.


Custom MT-engines

Our MT engines can be adapted to a specific domain or subject matter, and trained to match your preferred style and terminology.


Tailored MT solutions

A personalized approach machine translation technology, designed to meet your systems, preferences, and objectives.

Why Acolad machine translation solutions

Cutting-edge technology

Over 200 talents working daily in artificial intelligence and machine learning topics, often partnering with leading language technology research institutions.

Continuous improvement

We assess best-in-breed machine translation systems on a continual, iterative basis to ensure the best possible output for raw translation or productive post-editing.

Certified post-editing expertise

Our high-quality machine translation results for clients over the years grant us the ISO standard 18587:2017 certification for post-editing machine translation services.

Confidentiality and data security

Data security is one of our top priorities. Our robust machine translation technology ensures information is kept confidential and protected throughout the translation workflow.

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Frequently asked questions

Still have questions about machine translation? We have answers.

Machine translation refers to the translation of text from one language to others using computer software. These translation machines use algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze and process the input text, apply linguistic rules, statistical models and neural network models to generate a translation in the target language.

Machine translation tools use algorithms and artificial intelligence to automatically translate text. They analyze the structure and patterns of the text and translate it through statistical or neural network models. Models can be trained to learn the patterns and meanings of words and phrases in different languages, improving their output.

Neural machine translation (NMT) is a technology based on artificial networks of neurons that use artificial intelligence technology. With NMT, millions of pieces of information can be translated with human-like high accuracy and reliability in real time. It can also be “trained” by human translators to improve performance.

Natural language processing (NLP) machine translation in AI refers to the use of artificial intelligence techniques to automatically translate text or speech from one natural language to another. It’s a subfield of NLP that focuses specifically on the task of translation. While machine translation focuses on language translation, NLP is a broader field covering tasks like language understanding, generation and more.

The different types of machine translation or machine translation service levels are:

  1. Raw machine translation: Automatic machine translation without human intervention. Cost-effective when all you need is speed.
  2. MT with light post-editing: Light retouches to the MT output, fixing critical typos and grammar. Perfect for internal or short-lived content.
  3. MT with full post-editing: High-quality translation, fully adjusted to your company’s voice. First-class results, accelerated thanks to MT.

Machine translation technology allows you to integrate machine translation into your existing content workflows – often at the click of a button. With plugins or an API, machine translation can be built into many existing applications and tools.

Machine translation can allow for faster, scalable and cost-effective translations. MT can quickly translate large volumes of text and handle multiple language pairs, all while reducing expenses. However, sometimes the human touch is needed to post-edit content.

Combining machine translation AI with human expertise is a proven way of harnessing the cost-effectiveness of AI without sacrificing quality in the target language. You can tailor machine translation services to match your needs, whether it’s from a light-touch human editor to full human editing. For more information on cost-effective translation, request a quote.