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These are definitely times of change for the financial sector. Emerging technologies such as FinTech and Blockchain have opened the way to non-traditional financial alternatives. At the same time, digital channels have quickly won over customers’ preferences, replacing in-person interactions in several financial activities.   

The good news? Acolad can help you attract new business and deliver personalized communications to any audience, in any language, regardless of the complexity of your message or compliance requirements. 

Financial Sector Expertise
Our experts understand the goals and challenges of finance and banking organizations

Our areas of expertise encompass the full spectrum of financial services, including retail and corporate banking, insurance, wealth and asset management. 

  • Retail Banking, Wealth Management and Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) 
  • Insurance and Re-Insurance and Insurance Investments 
  • Brokerage, Financial Marketplaces, Audit and Advisory 
  • Institutional and Retail Asset Management 
  • Real Estate, Cooperative Investment and Investment Funds 
  • FinTech and RegTech
Why Acolad

Your partner for your global financial communication needs

Whether you’re a private equity firm or a commercial bank, we understand the importance of high-quality financial translations to communicate with your different stakeholders. Our teams work daily to help financial institutions like yours to continually translate and update publications such as annual reports, fund prospectuses, and marketing materials so they can be understood worldwide. When the stakes are this high, it’s essential that your documents are carefully worded and clear. That's why our Acolad financial teams work exclusively with professional, experienced translators who specialize in financial translation.  

Financial translation is a complex task that requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure a consistent final product. It’s imperative that your financial translations be precise, especially when it affects your bottom line. At Acolad, we adapt to your specific translation standards (terminology, style, formatting) to ensure that you receive high-quality translations every time. Our translation memories and glossaries help us guarantee consistency between all your translations and follow your terminology preferences.  

Many financial institutions depend on our financial translation services to ensure that their financial information is communicated clearly in every language. We work with our network of translators and expert project managers to ensure that your deadlines and quality requirements are met. We also meet the highest confidentiality standards, so you can rest assured that your information will be handled with care.  

We understand how important great customer service is and offer a collaborative approach to customizing a support program that specifically fits your requirements. From a secure client portal with reports and spend analysis to our secure machine translation engines and CMS integration solutions, we’re equipped to handle all your financial content needs.

Featured solutions for global financial organizations

Financial Localization Consulting

We can help you build a future-proof translation program that can solve your end-to-end content globalization challenges and help you quickly adjust to comply with any regulation or standard. 

Financial Translations & Language Services

Content creation and translation for banking and insurance clients 

We have decades of experience creating, managing and localizing content for a wide range of documentation covering all aspects of the financial sector.  

PRIIP KIDs and UCITS KIIDs Content Management

PRIIPs Consulting

Acolad supports financial companies with sustainable global compliance strategies. Through a tailored pragmatic approach, we identify key optimization areas and best practices and leverage data, information and systems to deliver a successful PRIIPs KIDs and UCITS KIID production process.    

Key Information Document Production and Management

We combine services and technology to implement scalable solutions that support KID creation, review, publishing, monitoring, updating and version control. With our integrated content management platform, we can help you: 

  • Source and collect all internal and external data (such as risk measures, target markets, customer history, etc.) 
  • Incorporate predefined calculations and enrichments 
  • Deliver compliant content that is tailored to regulatory templates 
Key Information Document Translation and Localization

Acolad’s translation management system is your one-stop-shop for translating and localizing PRIIP KIDs and UCITS KIIDs. Our portal combines services and technology to streamline document translation and localization and ensure all financial product information is accurate, compliant, standardized and adjusted to each audience, format and channel. 

Global financial content services

Financial Reporting: URD, ESEF and more

We provide end-to-end content services to ensure the seamless delivery of your standard financial documents and annual reports.  

Through years of experience, we’ve tailored our report production processes to meet all of your requirements and simplify the creation of these complex documents. Plus, you’ll have a dedicated team of financial experts to accompany you throughout the entire process, from writing, through translation to design.  

Financial Report Writing
Financial Report Translation
Financial Report Editing & Proofreading
Graphic Design and Digital Publishing

Other enterprise solutions and services

Ensuring your digital channels meet audience expectations in every corner of the globe

Digital Content Services: Multilingual SEO, Copywriting, Transcreation

Website Localization

Software & App Localization

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