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Professional e-commerce translations in just a few clicks

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Benefit from cutting-edge technology that will speed up your projects and reduce their cost


Make sure your content is translated by native and professional translators specialised in e-commerce

Autonomy and Efficiency

Manage your projects on the intuitive TextMaster SaaS platform completely autonomously and focus on the core of your business

Cross-border e-commerce: an unparalleled growth driver

Given that e-traders with an international presence have a turnover that is on average 30% higher than those who limit themselves to their traditional market, and that 38% of cyber-buyers placed orders on foreign websites in 2017, cross-border e-commerce clearly presents unparalleled growth opportunities. To convince consumers of new markets, you need to communicate with them in their mother tongue and act like a local player by having your e-commerce website translated.


TextMaster: an all-in-one SaaS platform for your e-commerce and digital translations

When you want hundreds or even thousands of product sheets to be translated into several languages, the task can sometimes seem overwhelming. With TextMaster, our e-commerce and digital specialist entity, translating your digital content becomes child's play. Thanks to an intuitive SaaS platform, get your product sheets translated in just a few clicks and earn the trust of international consumers with high-quality translations that are consistent with your brand image.


Do you need to translate your e-commerce website?
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Cutting-edge translation technology

E-commerce content often contains a number of repetitions. TextMaster’s translation memory can help to identify these repetitions, which reduces the number of words and therefore also the cost of your translations. Our terminology experts can also identify the terms that matter to your company and create a translation glossary to guarantee that your multilingual e-commerce content is consistent. The latest neural translation technologies are also integrated into the TextMaster platform to speed up your processes and optimise your e-commerce translation budget.

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Automate your translation flows using the translation API and our plugins dedicated to e-commerce



Install the TextMaster API on your CMS or use our native integrations for major e-commerce solutions (Magento, Akeneo, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Drupal, etc.)



Your content is sent straight to the platform and your projects are launched automatically



Native and professional translators specialised in e-commerce translate your content



Once it has been translated, your digital content is directly reintegrated onto your website, with no human intervention required


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