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Elearning as a supporting tool for Verso mediation training

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Founded in 2003, the Finnish Forum for Mediation (FFM)  is a Finnish mediation cooperation organization, whose ideology is based on the modern mediation movement. Its board represents the entire mediation field though its members’ expertise and activities outside the Forum.


VERSO-program offers training in restorative mediation to children and professionals working with children in early childhood education, schools, and other learning institutions.


VERSO-trainers needed a scalable tool to support their training in schools and kindergartens. Elearning was the natural solution and Acolad was selected to provide it.

Elearning-packages for different target groups

See the video to learn how elearning can be utilized to support trainers with different target groups.

Find out how elearning is helping VERSO-trainers to train and maintain mediation and restorative practices.

Nina Huhtinen, mentor coordinator and trainer at the Finnish Forum for Mediation, explains why they chose to produce elearning courses as a supporting tool for mediation training for three different target groups.

Length & languages
Audio: English 
Subtitles: English, Swedish, Finnish, Danish
Length: 4 minutes 47 seconds

  • 00:00 – Presentation of Finnish Forum for Mediation and VERSO-program
  • 01:08 – Could you tell us more about this elearning project?
  • 01:39 – Who are these elearning courses targeted to?
  • 02:11 – What do you want to achieve with these elearning courses?
  • 02:37 – What were the main criteria used when choosing a service provider?
  • 04:13 – Tips for other companies       
  • 04:42 – Contact Acolad

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