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We help telecom & media companies to customize customer experiences, engage audiences and convert them into loyal media consumers.

Connecting telecom and media providers with their international audiences

New technologies like 5G and the need to monetize new services have been driving the evolution of the telecom and media sector in recent years. At the same time, ‘smart’ innovations are widely anticipated to fulfill demands for ever increasing connectivity, speed and remote coverage. With this rapid growth, more content has to be translated into ever more languages for global audiences.

Acolad offers a tailored content services portfolio to help telecom carriers and media content providers become more agile and effectively communicate with their international audiences. Whether you need to translate technical documentation, add subtitles to a film or interpreters for a breaking news event, our experts provide accurate language services that take your content global.

Scalable Services

Our combination of forward-thinking technology, quality assurance, a commitment to excellence and competitive pricing create an ideal solution for all of your telecom translation and interpretation requirements.  

Trusted Experts

Our linguists and project managers and account managers are trained in telecom translation and media localization, and are fully equipped to accurately translate all your content formats. 

Complete Confidentiality

We know how essential data protection, security and confidentiality are for telecom and media providers. Acolad uses a secure platform to transfer data when needed and quality assurance is of the highest priority for us.  

An end-to-end content services portfolio for Telecom & Media companies

Specialized solutions tailored to your unique linguistic, technical and business requirements 

Professional Translation Services

  • Translation & Proofreading 
  • Technical Translation 
  • Multilingual Desktop Publishing 
  • Translation Project Management

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Localization Services

  • Multimedia Localization 
  • Website Localization 
  • Software & App Globalization 
  • Elearning Localization

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Translation Technology

  • Translation Management System (TMS) 
  • Machine Translation for Telecom and Media
  • Connectors and CMS Integration 
  • Telecom Terminology Management 

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Content Solutions

  • Global Content Strategy 
  • Digital Marketing Services 
  • Multilingual SEO 
  • Content Creation & Transcreation 

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Legal Translation Services

  • Contracts 
  • Licensing and Distribution Agreements 
  • Bid and Tender Collateral 
  • Intellectual Property, Trademark and Copyright 

Digital Experience

  • Customer Experience Platforms 
  • Digital Workplace Platforms 
  • Digital Business & Operations 

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Engaging readers in the digital age: the Mediafin story

Find out how we helped Mediafin to customize online experiences, engage readers and convert them into loyal media consumers.

Telecom And Media Translation Services

The highest level of telecom translation accuracy 

We provide linguistically fluent and technically accurate telecommunication translation services so our telecom clients can stay ahead of the competition and grow multinational telecommunications business in global markets. 

Enterprise Terminology Management

Telecom and media industry terminology 

We own large telecom and media sector termbases and can also build your own organizations terminology glossaries. We’re able to support both translation memory and terminology management in real time, ensuring the best language consistency, fast turnaround and reduced translation cost for your business. 

Translation Management Systems (TMS)

Cutting-edge client interfaces 

We also lead the localization industry with next-gen translation technologies, allowing our clients to obtain professional telecom translations with speed and at scale. 

Our translation management system allows our telecom and media clients to centrally manage translation memory, terminology glossaries, localization spend and multilingual content for unrivaled performance and scalability. 

Telecom Industry Expertise


  • Telecom providers 
  • Wireless network carriers 
  • Broadband operators 
  • 5G equipment manufacturer 
  • Other telecom services and hardware providers 

Content We Translate

  • CAD files
  • Training and elearning materials 
  • Technical documents 
  • Manuals and user guides 
  • Websites and digital platforms 
  • Software and mobile apps 
  • Marketing content and collateral 
  • Regulatory documents

Telecommunications Equipment Translation

We have experience translating technical content for all sorts of telecom equipment. We translate technical documents such as user manuals, operating instructions, compliance guides, as well as software applications, elearning courses and technology licenses.  

5G Translation and Localization

Whether you need to translate your 5G marketing collateral, radio frequency equipment documents, smart device user manuals, or IoT software apps, we have the right combination of linguistic experience, localization best practices and translation technologies to deliver the most effective telecom translation services that drive global development. 

Professional Semiconductor Translations

Acolad provides expert semiconductor localization solutions for microprocessors, system-on-a-chip components, integrated circuits and memory chips as a part of our suite of telecom translation services. Whether it’s technical documentation, elearning and training courses, compliance documents or technology patents, we can take your content global. 

Mobile Technology Translation and Localization

We provide mobile and smartphone translation and localization services specialize in both for the hardware devices and software applications. Working with global smartphone manufacturers and telecom operators, we localize mobile phone hardware, device operating systems, and software apps into over 300 language combinations. Our smartphone translation solutions also cover user interface string localization, help systems translation and multilingual user document production. 

Media and Entertainment Industry Expertise

Our linguists have a background in translation for the media, giving us the expertise involved to accurately translate documents and videos, making them easily accessible to consumers around the world.  

Media and Entertainment Clients

  • Television 
  • Film 
  • Advertising 
  • Digital and Print Media 
  • Streaming 
  • Traditional and Online Broadcasting 
  • Journalism 
  • Publishing 
  • Radio and Podcast 
  • Gaming 
  • Animation 
Content We Translate

  • Voiceover, subtitling and dubbing 
  • Transcription 
  • Press releases 
  • News articles 
  • Multimedia presentations 
  • Digital content and SEO 
  • Film and program script localization 
  • Website localization 
  • Marketing content and collateral 
  • Video game localization 
  • Letters and customer communications 
  • Release forms 

Multimedia Localization

Entertainment and media localization in the Digital Age 

We help companies communicate with new audiences, regardless of where they are in the world, by offering accurate translations for all entertainment and media content. Whether you require the translation of digital assets, scripts, subtitles, voiceover, brochures and promotional documents or contracts, our team of media localization experts ensures all your media content resonates with audiences and cultures worldwide. 

Media Transcription Services

Increasing user engagement for your multimedia content 

We work with most media formats including tape, video, DVD, CD or digital sound files and can transcribe the file to text using timecodes where required. We can transcribe and then translate the transcription, and can help you with any audiovisual material - from a 5 minute audio clip to a full movie transcription. 

Social Media Translation Services

Ensure your social communities feel connected to your brand 

With our social media translation services, we can localize your social media posts and your videos for platforms such as Tik Tok, YouTube and Facebook – and help you reach an international audience through each of your social profiles. 

Professional Media Interpreting Services

Whether it’s providing voice overs, interpreting for international news stories or press conferences, or offering language support for a live interview, our professional interpreters have the language fluency and cultural awareness to assist you in all aspects of your dynamic media business. 

Why Acolad?

Globalization expertise where, when and how you need it 

  • Over 500 language combinations  
  • Any language for any culture 
  • +30 years of global content expertise 
  • Top 10 world LSP 
  • Industry-specific terminology 
  • Excellent quality standards 

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