Localization Business Process Outsourcing

We take care of your entire multilingual landscape through outsourced localization solutions 

We help you reach your global growth business goals successfully

Our localization business process outsourcing services are a special form of outsourcing, where Acolad independent Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) teams take over all your multilingual processes and localization infrastructure. By outsourcing your entire localization department with confidence and ease, you’re free to focus on developing your business and expanding your market. 

Our team brings localization expertise and first-hand knowledge of both the technical and linguistic aspects of multilingual content and international products, ensuring that your localization initiative stays consistent, accurate and effective across your target markets. 

The result: high-quality localization, on time and on budget. 

How we maximize the impact of your global localization programs

We seamlessly integrate and maintain your localization technology solutions and localization efforts, and coordinate all necessary internal and outsourcing activities, either as a jump-start to quickly launch your global presence, or as an ongoing engagement.  

Our localization BPO and sourcing services usually include the following multilingual sub-areas: 

  • Content creation 
  • Content or language supplier assignment 
  • Translation project management and coordination 
  • Terminology management 
  • Translation memory and data maintenance 
  • Vendor management 
  • Quality and complaints management 
  • Content publishing 

What does the process of outsourcing your translation and localization department look like?

We provide a turnkey solution, with one single contact managing all project resources and processes, leaving you to reap the rewards.

Transition Phase
Acolad independent BPO teams operate your global content programs and localization department much in the same fashion that they were operated previously. 

Transformation Phase
During this phase, Acolad independent BPO teams will improve on legacy content and localization processes and begin to run the department in a more efficient manner.

Why Acolad Localization BPO

A unique combination of field experience and customer service 

A commitment to achieving complete client satisfaction

Our seasoned consultants and program managers bring localization project management experience and deep globalization consulting skills.

Focus on resource optimization

We see BPO as a business process optimization rather than just business process outsourcing.

Technology expertise

Language and translation technologies are at the heart of what we do.

Your content in safe hands

We give the highest priority to data protection and confidentiality.

Globalization expertise

We combine the power of mature workflows and modern infrastructure.

A tailored approach for each globalization initiative

We design customized solutions and take ownership at all stages of the engagement.

A high degree of responsiveness

A pool of qualified resources available immediately.


High quality control and assurance standards to guarantee quality results.

Global reach, with a local approach

We have teams spread across the world, covering all regions and timezones.

Would you like to discuss an outsourced solution for your localization requirements?