Language Consulting & Process Analysis

Tailored localization strategies to maximize your localization ROI 

A strategic vision for your global growth journey

If you’re marketing your products and services on a global scale, you need an integrated approach to international expansion - one that drives business outcomes and seamlessly complements the capabilities you already have in place.  

The good news? We can bring our experience and expertise to your global growth journey, helping lay the groundwork for your success in current and new markets. 

We can help you:

  • Audit internationalization and localization readiness 
  • Set up and plan localization projects 
  • Kick off initial localization 
  • Streamline content processes 
  • Select appropriate technology tools 
  • Analyze cost-benefits 
  • Optimize time-to-market 

Localization Strategy Consulting

A three-pronged analysis of your business processes, people and technical environment. Our analysts will look at your current IT environment, content creation and localization processes, and examine the objectives, timeline and resources for your globalization initiative.   

The set of recommendation and the underlying strategy forms your long-term, sustainable localization program. The recommendations may include establishing new processes, improving existing processes, staffing, training programs and technology implementations, including Translation Management Systems (TMS), Content Management Systems (CMS) among others and as appropriate. 

Language Consulting

Our experienced consultants know the ins and outs of efficient localization processes. We can assess target markets, people and workflows, technologies used and linguistic assets. Based on our findings, we can design, customize or streamline processes in order to allow you to effectively create, localize and maintain your multilingual content. 

If your business is just getting started on its localization strategy, we can also define and train your team on localization processes and methodologies, as well as help you clearly define the goals for your global strategy. We’ll build the groundwork so that your project is localization-ready when the time comes. 

We can also help you select your localization partners or manage your translation and localization projects directly through localization managed services or localization BPO services

Internationalization Assessment

Whether you’re looking to adapt your website, software application or other multimedia to global markets, we can help you assess both the technical and linguistic aspects of your project, ensuring that your digital products are accurate, culturally appropriate, but also localization-ready. Our goal is to make sure your projects can be easily and cost-effectively adapted (or localized) to various languages and regions. 

Translation Management System Implementation

Our technical consultants are experienced in the implementation of Globalization Management Systems (GMS), also known as Translation Management Systems (TMS). The TMS implementation services can encompass requirements gathering, process definition, features selection, workflow design, all the way to system preparation, configuration and user training. 

Aligning Localization with your Corporate Strategy: Driving Maximum Program Results

Given today’s complex landscape, including multiple markets, numerous global constituents, technology and limited budgets, how do you ensure your localization program reflects your corporate mission and aligns to meet your company goals? 

Our Approach

Globalization expertise where, when & how you need it​

We provide an independent, custom-fit analysis and consulting service of multilingual processes and projects as well as their underlying concepts. The overarching objective is to generate and secure added value for your business, regardless of whether you’re looking for a subsequent collaboration with us to realize the projects after the consulting phase or another solution is preferred. 

360º Current State Analysis
  • Carrying out a holistic analysis of existing multilingual processes 
  • Setting interim targets and milestones for ongoing evaluation 
  • Outline of approaches and proposals for process optimization 
  • Development of individual solutions for the successful implementation of a target scenario 
  • Support in all implementation phases 
  • Improved resource planning 
  • Cost-benefit analysis 
  • Objectification of processes and structures 
  • Implementation of multilingual processes on the basis of the developed concept 
  • Ongoing consulting and evaluation by our experts 
  • Fine-tuning and continuous improvement 
  • Follow-up of the measures taken 
  • Development of interesting alternatives 
  • Outlining follow-up projects 

The New Localization Toolbox: Delivering Multilingual Content for the 2020s

Key criteria to help you master the art (and science!) of delivering appropriate and catered multilingual content to your audiences around the world. 

Optimized processes for faster time to market

Our localization business process outsourcing services are a special form of outsourcing, where Acolad independent BPO teams take over all your multilingual processes and localization infrastructure. By outsourcing your entire localization department with confidence and ease, you’re free to focus on developing your business and expanding your market. 

Our team brings localization expertise and first-hand knowledge of both the technical and linguistic aspects of multilingual content and international products, ensuring that your localization initiative stays consistent, accurate and effective across your target markets. 

The result: high-quality localization, on time and on budget. 

Have a localization project in mind?

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