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Russian courses

Learn the Russian you need to succeed in business!

Fast & efficient

Jump start your learning for successful interaction with your Russian colleagues, partners, or clients! Our Russian training is designed to get you communicating from day one.

Suited to your needs

Learn the key phrases you need to make personal connections and improve your relationships on business trips to Russia. Our trainers will meet with you online for the practice that you need.

Tailored content

Learn Russian from carefully selected materials at the beginning level, to news articles and company materials in Russian (webpages, contracts, instructions). Your Russian course will be designed specifically with your needs in mind.

Who are our Russian language courses for?

If you are a businessperson who wants to learn the basics of Russian to ensure that you make a great impression on Russian colleagues or clients, our courses are for you. We also develop tailored Russian courses for intermediate and advanced students who need to practice and polish their Russian communication skills.

man reading a book in the office

At the beginning level, you'll master the Cyrillic alphabet, get a solid foundation in Russian grammar, and learn the phrases for everyday business communication that will influence your Russian contacts. For more advanced learners, get feedback to improve your pronunciation, expand your vocabulary, and get comfortable speaking and reading Russian in situations that are important to your success at work.
man explaining

Our trainers will guide you as you learn about this new culture. Learn about cross-cultural differences in communication, and the important historical and social factors that impact the way business is done in Russia. That way, you'll go into meetings with Russian clients with the knowledge and confidence you need to work together effectively.
woman teaching on black board

Even if you don't have the time or desire to gain working proficiency in Russian, our courses can prepare you to build your soft skills in Russian. Learn how to make small talk with your clients – something essential in Russian business culture if you want to close the deal!

Pick the learning format that suits you best!

  • One-on-one online training with a trainer
  • Pair online training with a trainer
  • Small group online training with a trainer
  • Hybrid (virtual trainer sessions combined with self-study material)
  • Trainer calendar (on-demand training whenever and wherever is convenient for you)
man teaching three people

Example 1: Learn the basics

two men working

Perhaps you have a business trip to Russia coming up, or new Russian colleagues joining your team. Get comfortable with the Cyrillic alphabet, basic greetings and vocabulary to get things started on the right foot! A qualified Russian trainer will introduce you to the language in a fun and supportive environment. Your trainer will take care of the following:
  • A needs analysis to find out your specific objectives
  • An individualized learning plan and instructional material that will help you reach your goals
two women writing to white board

  • One-on-one virtual course with a trainer.
  • 1.5 hours (90 minutes) of training once a week for 20 weeks
  • Total teaching time of 1,800 minutes (30 hours)
  • Focus on the alphabet, culture, and basic communication, like greetings and small talk
  • Homework assignments and a variety of communicative exercises
  • Estimated price: EUR 3,800.

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Example 2: Getting to the next level as a team

four people having a meeting

A group course is a great option if your team is interested in improving their Russian skills before an important client meeting. First, a professional trainer will do a needs analysis in order to determine your linguistic weak spots and figure out what you need to work on. Based on this analysis, your trainer will develop a course tailored to your team's needs and goals.
man teaching three people

  • A group course for you and your team
  • Trainer-led online course
  • ,5 hours of training each week for 15 weeks
  • Total teaching time of 1,350 minutes (22,5 hours)
  • Individual mid-course and final evaluation by the trainer
  • Estimated price: EUR 3,210 for a group of up to five students.

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