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Language training prices

High-quality language training for every budget

Teacher-led online language course pricing

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The standard language course, suitable for all learners.

For learners who want to improve their general language and business communication skills via online meetings with a trainer.   The price for a typical one-on-one online course is EUR 85.00 per 45-minute lesson. A typical group course is EUR 96.00 per 45-minute lesson.
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For something more personalised.

PLUS language course content is customized for the learners' specific work environment and tailored to address learners' actual work tasks via online meetings with a trainer. The language course price for a typical one-on-one online course is EUR 95.00 per 45-minute lesson. A typical group course is EUR 107.00 per 45-minute lesson.

Executive Plus language course pricing

For decision-makers who want to hone their skills.

Our Executive Plus language courses are tailored to specific work requirements. The goal is to develop not only accurate communication. but also control over tone and emphasis of the message – not just what is said, but how it is said. 

EUR 150.00 for a typical 45-minute, one-on-one online lesson with an expert trainer.

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Our self-study online courses are perfect if you're on a budget.

  • Twelve 1-hour courses on topics related to using English in the workplace. Purchase 90-day access to a one-hour course for just EUR 35.00, excl. VAT.
  • Three-hour vocabulary self-study programs: English for Engineering, English for Work and Careers, and English for Project Work – 90-day access for EUR 120.00, excl. VAT.
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Combine self-study with trainer-led instruction.

Our hybrid programs combine four hours of online self-study with four trainer-led online language sessions. Purchase 90-day access for just EUR 340.00, excl. VAT. Topics include:
  • Customer Service in English
  • Interaction Skills for Teamwork
  • Presenting in English
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Book a lesson with a trainer with our trainer calendar

  • Order a single 45-minute online language training session on demand for EUR 85.00, excl. VAT.
  • A fully online virtual trainer-led course for you or your team starts at EUR 850.00, excl. VAT, for ten sessions.

Cultural training pricing

Order our cultural training services for any culture, taught in any language.

We will work with you to develop a training program that meets your needs and fits your schedule.

The cost for typical cultural training starts from EUR 3,500 per day for up to five learners. The training is typically arranged with online meetings or webinars. 

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Webinar service pricing

We'll make sure your webinar is a success with our planning, administration, and facilitation services. 

Test session + webinar 60 min: EUR 600
Test session + webinar 90 min: EUR 750
Test session + webinar 120 min: EUR 850

Lightly edited recording of the webinar: EUR 300

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