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Video production for training

Interactive videos that will capture your learners' attention

The people's choice

Give people what they want – employees and customers prefer and expect video. Be a leader in your industry with engaging, professional videos.

Internal and external stakeholders

From employee induction, training and development, to promotional and marketing campaigns, we can create a video tailored to your specifications.

The works

Acolad is your one-stop shop for all your training and learning video production needs. Want animations? Custom graphics? Multilingual subtitling? We can do it all.

The future is here – and it's video

As your audiences become increasingly immune to static content, you need to engage their interest more quickly than ever before. Choose video – an engaging, dynamic and impactful tool for connecting with your audience, whether it's shareholders, employees or potential customers.

Video content now constitutes over 90% of all internet traffic, making videos a key driver in communication, marketing and training.

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Make learning accessible to a mobile workforce.

What could be better than video when it comes to delivering the training your employees need, when and where they need it? With our expertise in training, we'll create videos that your audience will want to watch.
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Present your company in a modern, engaging way.

Our video production team will work with you to create a branded video that expresses your message clearly, succinctly, and effectively.
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Bring your brand, product or service to life for maximum impact.

Video is the language of marketing, and consumers have high expectations. At Acolad, we create professional, persuasive videos that will pique customers' interest in your new product or service.

Video topics

We've created all kinds of videos:

  • Safety instructions
  • User guides
  • Product videos
  • Advertisements
  • Business soft skills (public speaking, using social media professionally, work ethics)
  • ...and more!
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What we offer

You can choose how much of the video production you want to hand over to us – from shooting and editing a company presentation video, to providing a total solution for a promotional video for your latest innovation, including concept, scriptwriting, shooting, background music, visual effects and 3D animations.

Our multilingual services can localise your video content in post-production with subtitling and voiceovers in over 100 languages.

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Our video production services include

  • Concept development
  • Visual effects
  • 3D animations
  • Scriptwriting 
  • Background edits
  • Voiceovers
  • Copywriting
  • Infographics
  • Music
  • Video filming
  • Greenscreen video
  • Editing
  • Photography
  • 2D motion graphics
  • Subtitling

Our video production resources

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  • One or more cameras, depending on the complexity of the shoot
  • Tripod for stills and a gimbal stabilizer for motion shots
  • Microphone
  • Studio lighting
  • Greenscreen
several people working on computers


  • Adobe Premiere Pro for basic video editing
  • Adobe After Effects for advanced motion graphics, animations and special effects
  • Adobe Audition for sound editing
  • Autodesk 3D Studio Max and Blender for 3D graphics

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