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English courses

Personalized courses for improving business English communication for companies and individuals

Fast and efficient

Personalized English language courses based on your needs and designed by qualified trainers to help you cut out errors and improve your communication quickly and efficiently.


Learn English according to your schedule and learning strategy: learn one-to-one with a trainer, in pairs or small groups, on-site or virtually, or with our self-study digital material.

Based on your learning needs

The content of your English course is based on your needs – from basic grammar, learning professional vocabulary or industry-specific terminology, practising your presentation skills to gaining confidence using English at work.

Who are our English language courses for?

Our  English courses are designed for busy business and industry professionals who communicate in English with native and non-native speakers of English and who want to quickly improve their proficiency and fluency.

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Refresh your knowledge of the building blocks of English and boost your fluency and proficiency.
  • Grammar instruction and error correction to make your communication clearer.
  • Professional and general vocabulary for your working needs.
  • Conversation practice for small talk and work-based needs.
  • Help with basic professional communication skills such as polite customer service, email writing, phone calls and meetings.
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Practise the language and culture-specific aspects of the professional skills you need in a multilingual workplace.
  • Creating and giving informative and persuasive presentations in English .
  • Preparing for and taking part in complex meetings and negotiations.
  • Writing reports, technical documentation and other texts.

Learn English in a way that suits you

  • At your location with a professional trainer: study your language course one-to-one, in pairs, or in small groups.
  • Virtually: save on travelling time and meet with your trainer in our online course using video-meeting tools such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Also available for one-to-one, pairs and small groups.
  • Using self-study digital material on key working-life uses of English, designed by our learning experts. Improve your vocabulary, grammar and communication skills with interactive study material.
  • With blended learning – a combination of trainer-led lessons and self-study digital material for maximum flexibility and efficiency.
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Example 1: An intensive course

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Due to a recent merger, four colleagues need to improve their communication skills in English, so that they can fluently handle routine customer quiries by phone. The students have received feedback from both customers and the service manager:
  • Customers find it difficult to understand them.
  • They have strong accents which makes them difficult to understand.
  • Customers sometimes find the service rude or blunt.
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  • One group of four students.
  • Trainer-led training on-site from a trainer who speaks their native language.
  • Three hours of training each day for one week.
  • The focus during the course is on speaking practice, fluency, accent reduction and learning polite and service-oriented language when communicating with customers.
  • Homework assignments and vocabulary-building exercises.
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  • The students receive a pedagogically-designed course plan based on a needs analysis.
  • They each receive a copy of Acolad Learning's own pedagogically and linguistically designed course material on customer service in English.
  • The students role-play common real-life service scenarios with each other and the trainer.
  • The trainer provides training and support practice with pronunciation, tone of voice, and politeness using scripts, audio and role-plays.
  • Estimated price: EUR 2700 per group up to 4 students.

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Example 2: Presenting in English

three women in a meeting

As the client company broadens its reach into new markets, they find that their sales team lack good presentation skills in English.
  • The sales people do not speak fluent English.
  • The key selling arguments are not being clearly explained to the audience.
  • Audiences from other countries find their presentations hard to follow.
  • The new audiences ask more questions than than the sales people are used to receiving.
  • The sales people now also have to give some of the presentations remotely via video meeting, which they find difficult.
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  • The students are assigned to groups based on a pre-test of their language levels (included in the course price).
  • Several groups of 3–5 students.
  • Training is trainer-led and onsite.
  • One and a half hours of training weekly for 15 weeks.
  • Total teaching time of 1350 minutes (22.5 hours).
  • Individual final evaluation by the trainer.

  • Course and lesson plans designed by a trainer specialized in presenting in English.
  • Access to 4 hours of digital self-study material by Acolad Learning on mastering presentation skills in English, accessed through our learning management system, 360Learning.
  • The digital material includes: texts, animations, videos, presentations; comprehension, grammar, listening, and pronunciation exercises; and downloadable vocabulary and phrase lists.
  • Estimated price: EUR 2600 per group up to 5 students.

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