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Chinese courses

Become familiar with Chinese language and culture before your next business trip!

Fast & efficient

When you've got an important business trip to China coming up, or staff from the China office visiting, time is of the essence. Our Chinese courses will optimize your Chinese learning, just in time.

Suited to your needs

Knowing Chinese will open doors for you professionally, and our Chinese language trainers will work with you to provide the exact training for your needs.

Based on your learning needs

Our Chinese courses use the materials – both textbooks and trainer-created resources and activities – that will best support your learning.

Who are our Chinese language courses for?

Our trainers can guide business people as they learn the basics of Chinese communication that is so essential for making sure that deals go smoothly. You'll become familiar with the complexities of the culture as well, which will make a positive impression on your Chinese clients and colleagues.

man reading a book in the office

Although the Chinese character system can be intimidating, with the help of our Chinese language trainers you can learn how to communicate in Chinese at the level needed to get by in China. You'll practice your new language skills in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. For students who would like to go further, our courses will help you master characters, tones and other difficult aspects of Chinese.
man explaining

Chinese culture is "high context" – meaning that, very often, communication is indirect and can be complex to the outsider. Even with a skilled interpreter, much is lost in translation. Our Chinese trainers will help you learn how to "read between the lines" and understand how Chinese culture and language are intertwined.
woman teaching on black board

Since English is not commonly spoken at a high level in China, being able to do business in Chinese will open many doors. Even just learning the basics, like ordering food and making small talk, will impress your Chinese colleagues and clients. In your Acolad Chinese class, you'll practice the soft skills in the target language that will improve your interactions with native speakers.

Learn Chinese with the learning format that suits you best!

  • one-to-one
  • pair
  • small group
  • on-site, face-to-face
  • hybrid (virtual trainer sessions combined with self-study material)
  • trainer calendar (book a session with your trainer whenever and wherever is convenient for you)
man teaching three people

Example 1: Get to know Chinese culture

man showing something from a computer to a woman

Your Chinese trainer will start off by talking to you about your reasons for learning Chinese. If you'd like to make small talk with colleagues or clients, your trainer will develop a course plan that focuses on learning basic vocabulary and conversational phrases that are necessary to doing business in China. Your learning plan will be tailored specifically to you and your conversational goals.
woman working

  • One-to-one virtual course with a trainer.
  • One and a half hours (90 minutes) of training once a week for 20 weeks.
  • Focus on the basics of Chinese conversation, plus practice with the writing system if desired.
  • Homework and a variety of conversational activities.
  • Estimated price: EUR 2600.

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Example 2: Intermediate Chinese for business

men group working together on computers

Group lessons are excellent for practising speaking through interactive conversation exercises developed by an experienced trainer. Perhaps a group of your colleagues also do business in China, and have picked up the basics of the language, but would like to take things to the next level. That's where we come in.
woman writing on the whiteboard

  • A group course for you and your colleagues
  • Training is trainer-led and on-site.
  • One and a half hours of training each week for 15 weeks.
  • Individual final evaluation by the trainer.
  • Estimated price: EUR 2800 for group up to 5 students.

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