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Language training services

Specialist language training and language courses for your day-to-day working life

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study when and where it suits you with our inspiring self-study materials.

Instructor-led training

online and onsite lessons and personal guidance for individuals and groups.

Hybrid learning

combine the benefits of self-study and instructor-led training for high learning impact.

Language training that is thorough, planned to meet your business needs and always focusing on the precise language skills and communication skills that you need.

Being able to communicate clearly and to the point is crucial in today’s business world – all of us need to be able to speak clearly in several languages, and most of us also need to be very convincing in our communication. 

Study communication skills and business language with us. Let our experienced trainers give you the tools you need to achieve your goals.

The benefits of improved language skills at work

  • Help your team understand you better
  • Improve your interpersonal skills to create better business relationships and generate more deals
  • Be more persuasive in negotiations
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Boost your professional working proficiency to build new career opportunities
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Solutions for all areas of business life

If you want to focus on specific aspects of your communication skills, we offer focused solutions packaged into efficient, cost-effective learning paths and modules. Here are some examples of areas where we provide individual or group training to boost professional working proficiency:

By skill

By role

By sector

  • Presentations and meetings
  • Sales and marketing
  • Manufacturing and engineering
  • Negotiation and persuasion
  • Customer service and support
  • Energy and technology
  • Customer communication
  • Human resource management
  • Finance and insurance
  • Conversation and discussion
  • Management and leadership
  • Retail and service
  • Writing for web and print
  • Legal and finance
  • Science and medical


Select the service best suited to your learning needs and goals



Study when and where it suits you with our digital programs and courses on a variety of business topics.


Our digital materials make language learning fun, flexible and cost-effective. Each course contains high-quality content supplemented by engaging animations, infographics, exercises, games and downloadable resources.


Choose online training from Acolad if you want training that is:

  • Available 24/7 – access your study material on-demand: any time, any place.
  • Fun – we have designed material that will engage and motivate you in your language study
  • Flexible – fit language study into your busy schedule and work at a pace that suits you
  • Cost-effective – for an affordable price, gain access to quality language learning without spending time or money travelling to a lesson with a trainer
  • Easy to use and effective – once you’ve made your purchase in our learning store, start improving your business language skills immediately by following our well-organized learning paths

Education Alliance Finland conducts impact evaluations based on global quality standards for learning solutions. According to Education Alliance Finland's evaluation, Acolad professional courses represent high educational quality and are proven to promote learning efficiently.

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Select a course or program from our library of topics in the Acolad Learning Store ranging from business communication skills to vocabulary and grammar skills – or buy a subscription and get access to more than 100 hours of engaging self-study content:

  • English: business communication, vocabulary & grammar skills for the intermediate to advanced learner
  • Swedish: business communication & vocabulary skills for the intermediate to advanced learner
  • Finnish: basic language skills for beginner level & grammar and spelling for the advanced learner and native speakers
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Instructor-led training


When you have the freedom to schedule regular sessions, studying with a professional trainer is still a very effective way to improve your language skills. Learn language and communication skills with an experienced professional language trainer who will guide you by providing feedback and error correction, while facilitating a stimulating and cooperative learning experience.


Focus on improving the skills you need in your daily work, for example spoken skills, listening comprehension, vocabulary, writing skills, reading comprehension, active language usage or clarity and fluency.


Our professional trainers will work with you to set learning targets based on your learning goals and needs to ensure the effectiveness of the time and effort you put into your language learning. At the end of your training you will receive an evaluation of your progress including personalized trainer feedback, rating of progress with targets and recommendation for further learning.

You can study one-to one with your language trainer, work with a colleague on a pair course, or with a group. Plan your course and sessions to meet your learning needs – from intensive daily or bi-weekly sessions, to weekly or bi-monthly meetings with your coach.


You can meet your trainer either online or onsite. Our most common languages are English, Finnish, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese but our extensive trainer network caters also to a long list of other languages.

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Hybrid learning


Hybrid learning means finding the right mix for your learning needs. It is about combining the benefits of online self-study with the effectiveness of instructor-led training.


Instructor-led training is highly effective, but sometimes it lacks the necessary flexibility. In today’s hectic business world, you might find it difficult to free up time to schedule regular lessons with a language trainer.


Online training, on the other hand, is highly flexible. You can study at any time that suits you and wherever you like, and you will get both practice and immediate feedback.


However, online self-study often doesn’t provide quite the same degree of activation and retention as instructor-led learning. Studying on your own also takes a lot of self-discipline – many learners find that having a session with a personal language trainer helps them to stay motivated.


Hybrid learning is a blend of digital learning with instructor-led lessons and it is the most effective way to learn language and communication skills. Create your own learning path that meets your learning needs and preferences, and study at the times and in the ways that suit you best.

Select a hybrid package from the Acolad Learning Store or combine any of our self-study topics with as many one-to-one or group sessions with a professional language trainer you need to meet your learning goals. For one-to-one students we offer also the option to buy hybrid language learning as a subscription – get access to all self-study content in the Acolad Learning library and a fixed amount of one-to-one online sessions you can freely schedule with your language trainer during the subscription period.

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Find out your starting level to make sure you get the full benefit from your studies and we can find the trainer to best support you in your learning needs.
  • Quick, online English test (10 minutes)
  • Comprehensive written language tests in English, Finnish, Swedish and German
  • Spoken level tests by phone for any language
  • Needs analysis to help with target setting
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To help you keep track of your progress, all instructor-led and hybrid courses include:
  • Course plan
  • Personalized targets
  • Digital material or course book
  • Evaluation based on trainer feedback and metered rating of progress with targets
  • Recommendations for further study
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Pedagogically planned lessons along with personalized learning targets and end-of-course evaluation make sure learning languages is a rewarding use of your time and you see the benefits in your day-to-day professional life.
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An online student portal for all our language courses that allows you to conveniently track your course schedule, access course details, review material and contact your trainer or our customer service team.
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An online portal for decision-makers, with 24/7 access that allows you to track, report and re-order language training courses with ease.
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You can exchange messages with your trainer, access your course plan and digital learning material, share files, links and other content all through our online learning tool, 360Learning.
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As a leading provider of language and communication training services, Acolad Learning provides effective instructor-led and hybrid training as well as inspiring self-study materials to hundreds of organizations, both local and global. Our focus is on helping you improve the language and communication skills needed in your day-to-day working life.
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Our language trainers bring a wealth of experience in adult education, pedagogy and real-life business and industry experience to help you learn the language you need to succeed in your day-to-day professional life. The pedagogical quality of our self-study material is certified by Education Alliance Finland.
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A consistently excellent customer experience, from course planning, training delivery, reporting and invoicing, to feedback and development.

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Our learning services include also wide range of elearning solutions, such as customized elearning production, ready made elearning packages and webinar solutions.

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