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Elearning localization

Communicate with your learners in any language

No more language barriers

People like to read and interact with content in their own language. We can localize your elearning content so everyone will be happy.

All language pairs

With Acolad, you'll have access to the skills of specialized translators and localization experts in any language pair.

Cost-efficient approach

We've been doing localization for decades, so we are experts in how to plan a multilingual elearning project to maximize efficiency.

Expert elearning localization service

With multilingual content accessible from any corner of the globe, people now expect to be able to learn in the language of their choice. By partnering with Acolad, you'll be able to deliver elearning content on any topic and in any language to all the employees in your international company. Just tell us what you need, and we'll ensure that the process goes smoothly. Acolad Learning always takes localization needs into account in the planning and design phase. Depending on your needs and budget, we'll select content types and methods that support easy and cost-efficient elearning localization.

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Steps to creating multilingual elearning

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First, we'll work with you to decide what content in the course will need to be localized – voiceovers (either by a voice actor, or text-to-speech), on-screen text, subtitles, images, and so on. This will ensure that everything gets properly localized the first time around.

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Creating the master

Then, we'll create a master script/storyboard in the language of your choice. Once you've approved it, we will compile and freeze the master version. We'll then export all the translation files to prepare for the next step.

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Next, we'll utilize our extensive network of language specialists to translate all the elearning content into the language(s) of your choice. We'll import all the translated content back into the elearning software and make sure the text looks how it's supposed to. We'll also synchronize any voiceovers with the on-screen animations.

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Finally, the fully localized versions of the course will be compiled and published in your Learning Management System or platform.


What is elearning localization, and why would I need it?

Elearning localization means adapting content to fit a particular language or cultural group. It includes translating from the source language to the target, but it's not only about translation. Elearning localisation can also include changing images and culture- or region-specific references so that they make sense for the reader you have in mind.

For example, if your Shanghai employees need the elearning in Chinese, you might want to update the training to include photos of their work site and update content to reflect local laws and regulations.

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Why invest in elearning localization?

Localizing elearning is more difficult that it may seem.

To ensure the same learning experience across languages, it is essential to have a professional team that knows how to plan for the most cost-efficient outcome

At Acolad, we can develop scripts and templates that will account for differences in word and sentence lengths across languages. We'll ensure that everything in your elearning content is perfectly synchronized and seamless, no matter what language version you're looking at. And, since we have an extensive network of skilled contractors, we can get voice actors from around the world to record professional voiceovers in any language that you need.

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