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Fast-Track eLearning

Digitalize your current training easily and quickly


A demo version is ready in a few weeks.


A quick, learner-focused way to start digitalizing training.


No large-scale resources are needed to produce online training.

Fast-Track elearning

Fast-Track eLearning is a quick and affordable way to start digitalizing your company’s current training courses. You only need to define a training goal and send your existing training material to us. We will use the material to create a training package that you can distribute through the current learning environment.

The strength of Fast-Track eLearning is speed. A training course can be turned into a digital format in 1–4 weeks, while producing an e-learning course that deals with large themes often takes months. The created online training can later be developed further based on feedback from users.

A clearly defined and delimited goal effectively supports the planning of content for the specific need. The goal can be, for example, learning the basic functions of a customer system or the features of a certain product.

The fastest way to start the digitalization of training is to use existing written material. The material can consist of, for example, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, pictures, webinar recordings or other digital materials.
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Fast-Track eLearning packages are recommended to be used for the company’s internal target groups, such as company staff, retailers or subcontractors, since the training focuses on factual content. Training courses produced for external target groups often require more planning and visual finalization so that the material will appropriately support the company’s brand or employer image.

The operating instructions for tools needed for a job can be turned into a compact and accessible elearning course that is more appealing than a thick manual. A training course can also be created for the commissioning of an information system or machine. With a machine, the instructions can also cover servicing and maintenance.
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Product and service training is particularly important for new employees. The training can focus on the features and benefits of a product or service, or on how to manage it in a CRM.

Induction does not always need to be offered as classroom training or personal tutoring. Repeating elements of induction can be digitalized, leaving more time for learning the practical work tasks. Repeating elements in induction include company introductions and a preliminary review of tools needed in the work.

If the delivery process for a product or service is complex and requires cooperation between several parties, online training can be used to teach the process to everyone participating in the process. An elearning course can be created, for example, for the customer return or complaint process. The training goal can be teaching roles, work stages or the overall picture of a process.

A company’s internal safety training courses can be digitalized. Training concerning fire safety or the safety of tools functions very well in a digital format. Online training can be used to reach a large target group and is easily available. In addition, supervisors and the HR department can monitor that everyone has taken the necessary training courses.

Problem-solving kits are particularly useful in customer service and technical support tasks. Solving known and repeating problems is faster when one has learned about them in advance. It is easy to return to a problem-solving kit created in a digital format again when needed. These are particularly useful for new employees, and also for those whose job description has changed.
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We create a complete training package that supports the training goal based on your existing material. You do not need to learn how to use any content management systems or even invest in them. All you need to do is to provide us with the material to be used, and we will take care of the rest.
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Our experienced visual designers ensure that the digitalized training package is aligned with the brand look of your company.

When the schedule is tight, project management becomes very important. Our project managers ensure that the project proceeds efficiently towards its goals. This saves your time for other, more urgent projects and tasks.
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Before broader distribution, the digitalized training should be tested with a limited target group. Based on the test results, the content of the training can be adapted so that it serves the needs of the target group or the training goal even better.
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The online training course created based on your material will be delivered to you in a SCORM or HTML5 package. You can distribute the training course through your current learning management system (LMS). If your company does not have a suitable distribution system, please ask us for advice; we will be happy to help you!
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A brief feedback survey with a couple of questions on the training content will be included in the end of the online training course. After collecting and analysing the feedback, we will provide recommendations on how to develop the training content.
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Is your training material lacking illustrations or pictures that would help understand the information? Should the online training also strengthen your brand image? Our graphic designers can adapt the look of the training course or create tailored illustrations.
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A short video can replace many pages of text and pictures. In addition to efficiency, using video improves the attractiveness of training. A video can be used to review the basics of the subject or expand on information already learned. If a suitable video does not already exist, our team can help create one.
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Pedagogical planning takes the learners’ needs, background and starting points better into account. With the help of a pedagogical script, the training content can be adapted to better support the learning goal and to take different target groups into account. This way, users can be committed to the training and the learning results can be enhanced.
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To improve the effectiveness of the elearning package, we also offer the following additional services:
  • Training scenarios
  • Illustrative situation examples
  • Varying learning paths
  • Gamification elements
  • Final exam and logic test
  • Customized graphics and illustrations
  • 2D/3D animations

Examples of service packages

Product training with the goal of providing customer service and sales employees with sufficient basic information. The price of the package is EUR 1280 (VAT 0%). The package includes:
  • A total of 20 slides containing text and images
  • Three questions on the subject measuring the learning results
  • Voice-over for the content with a machine voice in English
  • Training course in a SCORM or HTML5 package ready for publishing

Commissioning training for a new product management system. The goal of the training is to provide all employees with the skills needed to independently handle the commissioning of the system. The price of the package is EUR 2220 (VAT 0%). The package includes:
  • A total of 25 interactive slides containing text and images
  • Five exercises measuring the learning results
  • The text content will appear on the screen in step with the human voice-over.
  • Training course in a SCORM or HTML5 package ready for publishing
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The Fast-Track elearning process

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The customer submits the material to be digitalized to Acolad. The material can consist of Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and pictures.

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Acolad assembles and visualizes the material to create a digital training package.

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The first version of the created online training course is delivered to the customer. Changes and corrections are made to the content based on feedback.


The training package approved by the customer is deployed to a test group or a larger audience. The time needed for producing a version for publishing is 1–4 weeks.


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