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Elearning services

Engaging, effective digital solutions customized to your training needs


Elearning is a cost effective way to share knowledge of your company’s services and ways of working

Accessible & learner focused

Elearning allows you a possibility to study engaging content at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want to learn

Measurable learning outcomes

With elearning the user progress can be measured and reported

Elearning produced to your specifications

The eLearning services team at Acolad has 20 years of experience in producing learner focused and pedagogical elearning content customized to our clients need from start to finish. Your project manager will consult with you on your training goals, gather any materials you have that you'd like to be included, and work in collaboration with a team of scriptwriters, art directors, and localisation experts to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations.

Learner focused and pedagogical script writing

A well-written, engaging, easy-to-understand script can be the difference between a successful elearning content and one that employees fail to learn from. The Learning Content Services team at Acolad has 20 years of expertise in creating pedagogically structured and learner focused elearning scripts - for on-screen text, a professional voiceover, or both.

Attention-grabbing and learner focused elearning design

Our expert visual designers will produce an eye-catching elearning content design that will capture your audience's attention, facilitate their learning, and align with your brand standards. Let us know the look you're going for, and our inhouse elearning content team with 20 years of experience will bring your ideas to life.

Eye-catching, learning focused animation design

Learners are no longer satisfied with static, motionless elearning content since they can easily access a wealth of animated content online. Grab their attention with our custom animation solutions that are grounded in pedagogical principles to ensure your learners get the most out of your elearning content.

Expert elearning localisation service

With multilingual content accessible from any corner of the globe, people now expect to be able to learn in the language of their choice. By partnering with Acolad, you'll be able to deliver your elearning content on any topic and in any language to all the employees in your international company.

Digitalize your current training easily and quickly with our Fast-Track eLearning service

Why elearning services?

No matter your training need, a well-designed and easily accessible digital learning solution can help you achieve your goals.

Increase the competence of your own people, educate your stakeholders, or engage your customers with high quality elearning content about your latest products and services! The borders between marketing and training activities are blurring, so get the best of both worlds and engage your customers and users through tailored, engaging elearning content.


Facts about our eLearning services

Pedagogically well-structured elearning content that is designed to be easily localised and translated

Professional elearning content team designs a variety of learning focused, pedagogical and motivating exercises

Communication and language experts bring your eLearning content to life through storytelling

Visuals, infographics and animations that clarify complex, abstract or technical content in elearning

Elearning content that is responsive that is optimized for PC, mobile and tablet

Cost-effective elearning services from elearning content to elearning content management solutions that meet your global training needs

What are common topics for elearning?

Elearning is a training method that support large variety of different learning topics, including:

  • Induction for new personnel
  • Leadership development
  • Change management
  • Product installation
  • Workplace safety 
  • Codes of conduct
  • Insurance law for sales personnel
  • GDPR and other compliance-related subjects
  • ...and many more!
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Would elearning services suit your need?

If you have a a consistent need to give standardized training for your staff, stakeholders, clients of other target audiences, elearning is a option to consider for your training delivery. 

Elearning content management is typically done via learning management system (LMS). We can provide you easy to use options for learning content management or recommend to you trusted partners offering learning management systems. 

Learning management systems allow you accurate reporting and measuring of your elearning content performance. They ensure that your training needs can be met with a consistent, branded message.

With digital learning, your employees can learn on the go – wherever they are.

Our elearning case studies

Dive into the practicalities of elearning

Download a free 48-page eBook about modern elearning and how it can be used to educate different target groups and enhance their quality of learning

Our expert tips cover the following topics:

  1. What modern elearning is and isn’t 
  2. Benefits of elearning
  3. Versatility of elearning. Practical examples of how elearning can drive change for different B2B user groups. 
  4. Summary – Modern elearning is…
  5. Checklist – What do you need to consider before ordering elearning?

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