Celebrating Diversity: Acolad's Commitment to a Multicultural World

Discover our stories about language and cultural understanding, from training refugee interpreters to facilitating healthcare for patients worldwide.

date iconMay 21, 2024     tag iconMarketing

On this World Day for Cultural Diversity, we’re not launching fireworks or hosting grand galas. Instead, we’re gathering around the virtual campfire to share stories – Our stories about diversity, cultural sensitivity, stories that span continents and languages. As a leading language and content services provider, Acolad embodies the spirit of diversity. We’re not just a company; we’re a global conversation. Our translators, interpreters, and language experts don’t just shuffle words – they bridge cultures. Through linguistic bridges and respectful engagement, we contribute to a world where diverse perspectives enrich our collective journey.

World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, observed annually on May 21st, serves as a global reminder of the importance of cultural diversity in fostering understanding, dialogue, and sustainable development. This day encourages individuals, communities, and organizations to recognize and celebrate the richness of our world’s diverse cultures, languages, traditions, and beliefs.

So, here’s to celebrating our differences, one story at a time!

Breaking Barriers for Diabetes Management

20 million people worldwide relied on LifeScan's OneTouch brand to manage their diabetes. Having pioneered blood glucose monitoring, LifeScan then created the OneTouch Reveal® app to simplify this process on smartphones. But a new challenge arose: launching the app simultaneously in 26 countries under tight deadlines. It was clear that LifeScan needed a partner who could bridge languages and cultures to ensure the app reached everyone who needed it. Acolad, their trusted partner since 2009, proved to be the solution. Our expertise wasn't just in languages; it was in cultural understanding. We translated the app, ensuring clear and culturally-appropriate instructions for users worldwide. This wasn't just about words – it was about inclusivity and respect for diverse backgrounds. Acolad has had enormous success in combining our Life Sciences expertise with our cultural adaptation and linguistic services. Translation breaks down language barriers and makes healthcare information and services more accessible. Know more details about this story, here.

From Refugees to Interpreters: Bridging the Gap for Newcomers

Imagine fleeing your home country, everything unfamiliar and daunting. Acolad's Remote Interpreting Task Force steps in to bridge the gap. Started in 2015 to help the Netherlands with a surge in refugees, our program did something groundbreaking. We recruited former refugees themselves, people who understood the struggles firsthand, to become interpreters. Nancy Hahnel, the program's leader, faced a challenge. There weren't enough qualified interpreters, and many refugee languages like Farsi or Tigrinya were uncommon. So we trained these former refugees, turning their language skills and empathy into valuable assets. The program was a success. Interpreters like Basel Someh thrived, using their own experiences to guide others through a new life. “I feel I can contribute to overcoming the first culture clashes migrants experience, and the fact that I’ve been through a similar situation to many of them builds trust and gives them comfort”, explained Basel Someh, Syrian native and certified interpreter whose remarkable journey brings us closer to understanding interpreting as a true public service, with an immeasurable impact on the lives of asylum seekers. You can read the full story here.

Taking cultural understanding to new heights

It's 2014, and Finavia sees a golden opportunity - more and more Chinese travelers are choosing Finland, 50% increase in just two years. But how do they keep this momentum going? Finavia recognizes the power of inclusivity. Happy travelers are repeat travelers, so they invest in understanding their Chinese customers better. And here is when Acolad comes in and we become their cultural coach. In 2016, we put Finavia's staff through a series of training sessions. It wasn't just learning phrases, it was about understanding customs and preferences. Think about it – a small gesture like offering hot water with tea (a common Chinese drink) can make a big difference. By going the extra mile, Finavia creates a welcoming environment for Chinese travelers, making them feel truly seen and appreciated. This, as Sami Laine from Finavia and Juha Moilanen from Acolad would tell you, is the key to success – and a perfect example of how embracing diversity strengthens businesses on a global scale.

Embracing diversity every day

At the end of the day, as a company dedicated to providing high-quality language and content services on a global scale, Acolad's DNA is built on multiculturalism and diversity. Our mission is to ensure our customers' messages resonate across borders, people, and cultures – so we truly make a point of listening to everyone and ensuring their voices are heard. This belief extends to each of our 1,800+ employees of 60 different nationalities and our extensive global community of translators and content creators. We embrace their unique identities and experiences, celebrating their individuality regardless of gender, age, race, religion, or background. Acolad thrives on the contributions each person brings to the table, and our growth is powered by their creativity and everyday work.

date iconMay 21, 2024     tag iconMarketing

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