Elearning Localization

90% of people want to learn in their native language. Is your elearning content catering to multicultural audiences? 

Maximize the impact of your training worldwide 

Multilingual teams can make a difference in today’s competitive global market. But while international organizations are already using online training to make training accessible to all, providing a multilingual elearning program is often overlooked. 


The good news? Our elearning localization services help you provide native language elearning experiences that improve learning effectiveness and boost employee performance worldwide.

“I’d recommend Acolad as a partner in your elearning project, especially when you have many language versions to cover! We appreciated their excellent service attitude and flexibility."

Director, Ethics & Compliance, Kemira

Elearning localization ROI is not just about the numbers

Accelerate employee productivity
Improve employee retention and satisfaction
One core build, multiple deliverables

A gold star for stand-out service: from elearning localization strategy to global deployment

Need to adapt an elearning course into multiple languages or have a series of online training programs going out to learners worldwide? Acolad elearning localization services make your training materials a global success. 

Achieve successful learning outcomes with end-to-end elearning localization solutions that consider your training objectives, the local language and the cultural references of your learners, regardless of where they’re located. 

Elearning development expertise 

An active global network of experts in learning, language and digital content, no matter the project size. 

Multi-format, multimedia learning

Instructional videos, product animations, voiceovers, AR/VR and other interactive multimedia projects – we cover all the bases. 

Linguistic & functional course testing

A comprehensive and ongoing process to ensure your localized elearning materials are engaging for every end user, in every country.

End-to-end localization management

Expand your localization projects across technical documentation, marketing content, multimedia and more. Keeping your brand consistent in any language is our expertise. 

Your partner for elearning localization

We provide full end-to-end elearning localization services—including project planning, elearning content creation, translation, quality assurance and localization testing. Whatever your learning management system (LMS) or file format, we can get your training up and running – hassle-free.  

Make your elearning courses inclusive and accessible for learners worldwide.