Elearning Localization

90 percent of the people want to learn in their native language – around the globe. Perfectly localized elearning allows you to cater to all of them. 

Is your elearning catering to all your global audiences?

Elearning is a vital part of any company’s training and talent development program; its convenience makes it the preferred and most effective method, especially for global companies – with teams spread across offices and locations. When adapting digital courses for diverse cultures, myriads of pieces are involved. But worry not: We know how to make them accessible for all! 

Supporting all LMS and authoring tools

The choice is yours: We get your training up and running, for any learning management system (LMS) or custom solution, for any technology and format. 

Multi-format learning

Be it instructional videos, animations, training modules, presentations, voiceovers or AR/VR and other demanding technology: We always get you covered! 

Strong creative partnerships

Our international network of creative specialists and partners can work directly with your team, to build inspiring, globally ready training programs. 

What is elearning localization − and why would you need it?

Elearning localization means to adapt content to particular regions and audiences. It only starts with language, but goes much further and can even include the swap of images! An example: if you need elearning in Chinese for your Shanghai employees, you may want the training also to be personalized with photos of their work site and content adapted to local regulations, etc. 

Need a more hands-off approach to your elearning projects?

In a strategic partnership, we create a superior elearning experience for your target users, ensuring classes precisely tailored to your audiences.  

Make your elearning courses always a perfect fit

Specialized in elearning development for worldwide audiences, we’ve worked alongside many companies and understand the unique requirements and challenges coming with global training programs, the technology, delivery and system integration. Whether you're developing sales, technical or product online training material: we know how to handle it. On schedule and on budget. 

It comes in a package: The steps to create multilingual elearning courses

  1. First, we decide with you which content needs to be localized, e.g. voice-overs, subtitles, text, etc. 
  2. Next, we create a storyboard as a master version. 
  3. Once approved, the content gets translated, localized and integrated – including voice-overs and animations. 
  4. Finally, we compile the international elearning course versions to publish them in your LMS or on your platform.

Why invest in external elearning localization?

Localizing elearning is more complex than it may seem at first sight. To ensure the same learning experience across languages, it takes multiple experts. Our service covers all steps of elearning localization, from developing scripts and templates that account for differences in word and sentence lengths to professional voice-overs, with voice actors from around the world. 

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