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Reach audiences large and small with our webinar services


Focus on your presentation – we take care of the webinar hosting and the technical side.


Pay for the webinar and nothing else – no license or software investments.


Reach international target groups and audiences in any location.

Why webinars?

Using webinars, you can direct your message to a large group of employees, subcontractors or retailers all over the world. Webinars also offer an ideal way to communicate information to customers and other stakeholders, when you need to reach a large number of people quickly. In a webinar, you’re in control, even if there are many speakers.

A webinar is a good format for a training event or workshop when the participants are from many different organizations, locations or countries.

If you cannot launch your product or service at a trade fair or conference, launch it through a webinar. You can host your webinar for a select group of people, such as customers, media representatives or retailers. Webinars are also interactive, as participants can make comments and ask questions.

Sales teams, together with specialists, can arrange product or service demonstrations for current or potential customers, focusing for example on how a product is used, what problems it solves, or how users can get the most out of it. Because webinars are so flexible, local sales organizations from different countries can participate.

Live and recorded webinars serve as excellent marketing tools. By hosting specialist events, for example, you can collect the contact details of interested participants for more targeted marketing. Recorded webinars can be used in follow-up marketing and communication.

Acolad webinars

A webinar – a seminar conducted over the Internet – offers an excellent way to reach internal and external target groups, regardless of the location. The number of participants can range from a few dozen up to hundreds or thousands, depending on the type of event.

Acolad can help you to host webinars for audiences large and small. You can focus on what matters – the content and presentation. We will take care of everything else.

The Acolad webinar package includes

Technical implementation of webinars

We use professional tools for webinar hosting, such as GoToWebinar, Zoom and Fuze. We’ll choose the best option for all types of webinars, from training events held for a limited group, to events with hundreds of participants. 

Test session

A test session will be arranged before the actual webinar to verify that all equipment works and to give tips on how to light the presentation area, for example. The purpose of the test session is to ensure that everything is in order for the webinar.


When we take care of facilitation, you can focus on your presentation. Our experienced facilitators ensure that your webinar flows smoothly. 

Webinar recording

After your webinar, we will give you a recording of it. You can use the recorded webinar for future training purposes, sales support or even follow-up marketing activities. A good webinar recording has multiple uses.


After your webinar, we will send you a report. It will include the email addresses of the participants, which you can use for follow-up marketing and targeted communication. 

How do Acolad webinars work?

1. Webinar booking
To arrange your webinar, we need information about the date and time of the webinar, as well as an estimate of its duration and the number of participants. When booking your webinar, tell us your special requests, such as the need for coaching.

2. Test session
A test session will be arranged before the actual webinar to check that everything is in order.

3. Webinar
Your webinar will be held at the desired time. Our facilitator will support you throughout the webinar.

4. Webinar report and recording
After your webinar, we will send you a report and webinar recording. If the recording is edited or has subtitles added, it will be delivered later, but always as quickly as possible.

The video had a very positive reception on its first night, and it has received nothing but praise. Thank you for this!

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