Relocation Services

We support your organization’s growth while removing the complexities of relocating and integrating new hires.

Get the competitive edge your organization needs to attract, retain and integrate international talent

In today’s global economy, companies are increasingly competing for top talent from outside their domestic borders. Relocation support has become a key success factor in the hiring process, as well as in the onboarding, integration and retention of foreign talent.


Get assistance for your international hires with every aspect of relocation to attract top talent and successfully integrate them into the local working life.

Attract the best candidates worldwide

Gain a competitive edge in attracting top talent from abroad with a complete professional relocation package for both individuals and their families.

Accelerate international onboarding

Whether it is a short-term secondment or a permanent appointment, once you have decided to recruit from abroad, we make the talent relocation process fast and efficient. 

Improve foreign talent retention rates

Boost your retention levels with relocation packages that improve integration through cultural and language training as well as coaching for multicultural teams. 

Become a multicultural workplace

Fill skills gaps and facilitate more inclusive, empathetic working styles in culturally diverse teams with our training and consultation on becoming a multicultural workplace.

A smooth, successful and stress-free relocation experience for your international talent

Providing assistance and guidance before and after arrival in Finland, our relocation specialists help keep each move on track, supporting your employees and spouses and children in official actions and practical matters related to working and living. 

  • Immigration guidance and support 
  • Accommodation search 
  • Cultural and language training  
  • City tour and daily-life orientation
  • Tax consultation, bank accounts and insurance
  • Education and employment support for spouses and children
  • Post-relocation consultation and advice

Streamline your efforts and achieve faster onboarding with efficient and reliable relocation assistance

Support your HR and leadership teams by ensuring that relocated employees can be as productive as possible from day one. We also help to increase foreign talent retention and productivity through training and coaching on how to implement effective multicultural working dynamics.

Find the right relocation package for your international hires

Our relocation packages benefit clients of all sizes and industries – from large multinational companies with existing internal mobility programs, to universities and public organizations in need of relocation assistance for foreign talent.

Language and cultural training: the key to successful retention of foreign talent

Even in roles where the working language for the relocating employee is English, local language skills improve integration and participation in local life and work, leading to increased quality of life.

Explore effective strategies to drive performance and innovation through diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB). Learn More

Learn how people in Finland communicate, Finnish leadership and teamwork styles, what values they respect, and how decisions are made. Learn More

Effective, rewarding and personalized Finnish language courses for all language levels, certified by Education Alliance Finland. Beginner's Self-Study | Instructor-led Training

Learn the cultural skills needed to improve team efficiency and mitigate the risks of miscommunication and misunderstandings that arise in multicultural working environments.

Trust in a strategic relocation partner every step of the way

Find out how we can support your international talent acquisition and global mobility program – receive more information about our relocation packages or schedule a free consultation with our experts.