Swedish Courses

Activate your Swedish skills to build relationships with colleagues

Fast & efficient

Activate your Swedish with our courses! Acolad trainers will maximize your sessions with plenty of speaking practice to help you improve quickly.

Suited to your Swedish learning needs

Whether you're planning to do business with Swedish-speaking clients and colleagues, or need to improve your Swedish for customer service, our courses are for you.

Based on your learning needs

Our Swedish trainers will select the appropriate learning material for your skill level, your industry, and your communication goals.

Who are our Swedish language courses for?

Our Swedish courses are perfect for anyone who's looking to reactivate the Swedish they learned in school, expand on their Swedish skills for specific business contexts, or start learning Swedish from scratch before a business trip to facilitate communication with Swedish colleagues.

What you'll learn

Do you have trouble pronouncing Swedish vowels? Get confused with the gender of nouns in Swedish and the article system? Or maybe you have a solid understanding of the grammar and a good vocabulary base, but you haven't spoken Swedish since your school days. Our trainers will evaluate your exact needs and give you the exercises and feedback you need to address those tough points of Swedish.

When you're doing business in another country, or with international colleagues, it's essential to understand the cultural differences you may encounter. Our trainers will explain the importance of crucial aspects of Swedish business culture, from consensus to fika breaks and doing things lagom.

Even though Swedes are typically proficient in English, being able to connect with them in their language will help you succeed with your Swedish clients and colleagues. Through roleplays and simulations, our trainers will coach you in the skills and strategies needed to use Swedish for relationship-building. If you use Swedish for interacting with customers, we offer customized courses on Swedish for customer service.

Learn Swedish with the learning format that suits you best!

  • One-to-one
  • Pair
  • Small group
  • Onsite, face-to-face
  • Hybrid (virtual trainer sessions combined with self-study material)
  • Trainer calendar (on-demand training whenever and wherever is convenient for you)

Example 1

Activate your Swedish speaking skills

Even though you know the basics of Swedish, you need to activate your speaking skills before an important business trip to Sweden, or to better communicate with new colleagues. Our professional Swedish trainers will create a supportive, structured environment where you can hone your communicative competence in the language.

  • An initial needs analysis to see where you are now.
  • A learning plan, personalized for your needs, and carefully selected training material.

  • One-to-one virtual course with a trainer
  • One and a half hours (90 minutes) of training once a week for 20 weeks
  • The focus is on speaking practice (developed through role-plays) and vocabulary expansion
  • Homework assignments and a variety of communicative exercises
  • Estimated price: EUR 2600

Example 2

Learn Swedish from scratch with a colleague

If you and a business colleague are starting a new project in Sweden, a pair course is a great option. Your trainer will first perform a needs analysis to see what both of you would like to achieve in your Swedish studies, as well as the contexts in which you'll be using the language. Based on the results, your trainer will develop a customized course that will help both of you reach your goals efficiently and effectively.

  • A pair course for you and your colleague
  • Trainer-led and onsite
  • One and a half hours of training each week for 15 weeks.
  • Individual final evaluation by the trainer
  • Estimated price: EUR 2400 per pair

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