Cost-effective, flexible and fun form of self-study 

Interactive online material

Presentations on course topics, exercises with built-in feedback designed to activate your knowledge and downloadable PDFs with key vocabulary. 

Available on-demand

Want to get started learning right away? Simply choose your topic and jump in! You can access your course any time, any place. 

Affordable & easy to buy

Find the solution that fits your learning needs, schedule and budget. Buy individual topics from the Acolad Learning Store or get a subscription for unlimited study time. 

Is online self-study for you?

  • Are you a highly motivated and independent learner? 
  • Are you happy learning and doing activities independently? 
  • Do you want to study whenever you want, without being bound to a schedule?  
  • Do you want a high-quality, engaging language learning programme without breaking the bank? 

If you answered yes to these questions, online self-study may be for you. Acolad’s digital learning packages for self-study consist of online material on a variety of topics from business communication and vocabulary skills to grammar and fluency skills. See them all at the Acolad Learning Store! Or pick from a list of 24 languages to start improving your fluency with material provided by our partner Rosetta Stone.

Education Alliance Finland conducts impact evaluations based on global quality standards for learning solutions. According to Education Alliance Finland's evaluation, Acolad professional courses represent high educational quality and are proven to promote learning efficiently. 

Benefits of online self-study

Our digital materials make language learning fun, flexible and cost-effective. Each course contains high-quality content supplemented by engaging animations, infographics, exercises, games and downloadable resources.  

Choose online training from Acolad if you want training that is: 

  • Available 24/7 – access your study material on-demand: any time, any place. 
  • Fun – we have designed material that will engage and motivate you in your language study 
  • Flexible – fit language study into your busy schedule and work at a pace that suits you 
  • Cost-effective – for an affordable price, gain access to quality language learning without spending time or money travelling to a lesson with a trainer 
  • Easy to use and effective – once you’ve made your purchase in our learning store, start improving your language skills immediately by following our well-organized learning paths 

Examples of self-study packages

Improve your business communication skills in English and Swedish. These are a few of the topics available in the Acolad Learning Store: 

Learn English and Swedish vocabulary related to your role or industry. Topics include for example: 

  • Banking and insurance
  • Engineering
  • Finance 
  • Healthcare

Start from the basics or improve your fluency and grammar skills. Finnish for beginners courses and English grammar skills available in the Acolad Learning Library and 24 additional languages including for example German, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian from our partner Rosetta Stone. Contact us to learn more! 

Vocabulary courses

Trying to get a new job? Get promoted? Or just get heard in meetings? The English for Work & Careers program will set you up for success! Topics: 

  • Recruitment and the Employment Cycle 
  • Contracts and Benefits 
  • Competence, Performance and Development 
  • Solving Workplace Issues 

Whether you're new to the team or managing a project for the first time, our English for Project Work package will get you up to speed with all the vocabulary you need. Topics: 

  • Projects and Project Management 
  • The Concept and Planning Phases 
  • The Implementation Phase 
  • The Finishing Phase 

Are you working in the engineering industry? Expand your vocabulary through interactive exercises and key term worksheets on the following topics: 

  • Describing Objects 
  • Materials and Their Properties 
  • Production and Assembly 
  • Quality Assurance and Testing 
  • Reading and Writing Technical Texts 

Explore our whole catalogue of courses at the Acolad Learning Store!