Online language courses

Virtual courses with a professional language trainer 


No matter where you are in the world, you'll meet with a highly experienced professional language trainer using our virtual tools. 

Learning based on your goals

Online language courses for an individual or a group, customized for the industry and the topics you want to develop. 

Completely online

Our language trainers have designed activities adapted for the online environment, so you can focus on language learning, not technology. 

What we offer

With Acolad's online language courses, you get personalized language learning that's accessible, anywhere – whether you are in your office, at home or on a business trip. 

Our trainers will work with you to evaluate your level, help you set learning goals and tailor material to meet your needs and the online environment. To learn more, contact us or check out our online trainer-led courses from the Acolad Learning Store

Online language learning for all aspects of business life

Do you have specific communication needs or soft skills you'd like to work on? Our focused virtual trainer-led courses are packaged into learning paths that will help you reach your goals efficiently and cost-effectively. Improve your professional working proficiency with online training in, for example, these areas: 

By skill
  • Presentations and meetings 
  • Communicating with customers 
  • Writing for print and web 
  • Discussion and conversation 
  • Persuasion and negotiation 
By role
  • Leadership and management 
  • Customer service and support 
  • Marketing and sales 
  • Human resources 
  • Finance and legal 
By sector
  • Service and retail 
  • Insurance and finance 
  • Technology and energy 
  • Medical and science 
  • Engineering and manufacturing 

Interactive and personalized

A trainer-led online language course will help you reach your goals efficiently in totally personalized, supportive atmosphere. 

  • Face-to-face virtual meetings with a live trainer using the online meeting tool (Skype, Teams, Zoom, etc.) that works best for you 
  • Agreed-upon number of meetings 
  • Highly interactive 
  • Our learning platform is used for material sharing and communication 
  • Online language learning material supports the topics/areas addressed in meetings 
  • High language learning impact 

Study formats

With the one-to-one language learning option, you'll have your language trainer all to yourself. Make the most out of your studies thanks to completely personalized lessons and maximal speaking time. 

The pair format is ideal for language learners who'd like a practice partner from their own office – perhaps a colleague working on the same project as you. That way, you'll be able to motivate each other both in your online language lessons and around the office! 

With the one-to-one language learning option, you'll have your language trainer all to yourself. Make the most out of your studies thanks to completely personalized lessons and maximal speaking time. 

Our online language courses can be scheduled flexibly. Heading abroad for an important meeting next month? We can offer you an accelerated online language course that will have you ready to communicate as soon as you step off the plane. Prefer to stretch things out a little, and have a regular meeting every week or two for as long as you need? We can do that too! 

Is online language learning for me?

Choose an online trainer-led course if... 

  • You travel often, but want to keep your language learning consistent 
  • You want to focus specifically on conversation and oral communication 
  • You thrive on interaction and personalized feedback 
  • You are motivated to learn by an encouraging trainer 
  • You want to fast-track your language acquisition 
  • It's difficult to find a trainer who can come to your geographic area 

Who will be my online language trainer?

We'll select a language trainer for you that's perfect for your needs from our extensive network of professionals. In addition to finding the right person for your language of study and proficiency level, we can also connect you with a trainer who knows your native language if you'd like.  

Our trainers are not only language teaching professionals – they're also subject experts. So whatever your area of interest, we'll find someone who will be the perfect fit.  

And thanks to their experience teaching virtually, our trainers know how to make online meetings just as effective and engaging as the traditional classroom. 

Need something more flexible?

Practice and improve your professional language and business communication skills with an on-demand, 60-minute online training session with one of our expert language trainers. 

  • You choose the topic: from essential skills for business such as presentations and negotiations, to improving your ability to work in a multicultural team. 
  • Get expert practical advice 
  • Receive specific, actionable feedback based on your own needs and abilities 

If you cannot commit to a regular trainer-led course, but still want to work on your language skills, we offer self-study online courses on a variety of topics related to English for business. 

Explore our whole catalog of courses at the Acolad Learning Store!