Japanese Courses

Make a great impression by learning the basics of Japanese communication!

Fast & efficient

Learn Japanese – get started right away on getting the tools you need to break the ice with new Japanese colleagues!

Suited to your needs

On our Japanese courses, you can focus strictly on conversation, or get familiar with the writing systems of Japanese, too. It all depends on you and your goals.

Based on your learning needs

Your Japanese language trainer will select materials specializing in the area you'd like to focus on, whether it's Japanese for conversation or becoming familiar with kanji.

Who are our Japanese language courses for?

Do you have an upcoming business trip to Japan? Has your company merged with a Japanese company, and you need help with your intercultural communication skills? Impress your colleagues and clients by learning the basics of Japanese under the guidance of our skilled trainers.

What you'll learn

Has your company recently merged with a Japanese company, and now you are working closely with new colleagues from Japan? Do you have Japanese clients you wish you could connect with? In our online courses, you'll learn the basic Japanese communication that's essential for making your workplace interactions go smoothly. If learning to read in Japanese is important for your work, your course can focus on gaining familiarity with the three Japanese writing systems.

If you're doing business with Japanese clients or working in a multicultural team, an understanding of the inner workings of Japanese culture is essential. Our trainers will guide your understanding of Japanese customs and ways of speaking, which will in turn enable you to work successfully in Japan and with Japanese clients and colleagues.

Learn Japanese in a way that suits you

  • One-to-one
  • Pair
  • Small group
  • Hybrid (virtual trainer sessions combined with self-study material)
  • Trainer calendar (book a session with your trainer whenever and wherever is convenient for you)

Example 1

An introduction to Japanese

Get off to a great start with Japanese by learning the basics of greetings and small talk! You will be matched with an expert trainer who will work with you to figure out your needs and the contexts in which you'll be using Japanese. Your trainer will do the following:

  • A needs analysis in order to determine your exact goals in learning Japanese
  • A detailed learning plan that sets the trajectory for your language training

  • One-to-one virtual course with a trainer
  • One and a half hours (90 minutes) of training once a week for 20 weeks
  • Focus on the basics of Japanese conversation, plus practice with the writing system if desired
  • Study material to support your learning goals
  • Conversational exercises and homework
  • Estimated price: EUR 2600

Example 2

Pairing up for success

Partnering up with a colleague can be a great option, for example, if you both travel to Japan for business. First, your professional trainer will see what your goals are for learning Japanese, and the types of situations in which you'll most likely be using the language. This needs analysis will form the basis of a personalized course designed to help you reach your goals effectively and efficiently.

  • A pair course for you and your colleague
  • Training is trainer-led and onsite
  • One and a half hours of training each week for 15 weeks
  • Individual final evaluation by the trainer
  • Estimated price: EUR 2300 per pair

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