Blended and hybrid learning

Get the best of both worlds with blended learning 

Interactive online material

Online self-study materials on a variety of topics, levels and languages. 

Trainer-led meetings

Activate the skills you've learned online with a professional trainer through roleplays and conversation practice. 

Personalized for your needs

Select your self-study materials and plan trainer-led sessions to meet your language learning goals. 

Hybrid courses (also known as blended learning courses) make optimal use of the online environment and the advantages of a personal trainer. By combining online material and supportive trainer-led meetings, you'll be perfectly equipped to meet your language learning goals. 

Our courses are visual and interactive, gamified to keep you engaged, and accessible on any device – so you learn when you want, where you want. 

Improve your customer service skills, understand emotional intelligence, or boost the interaction skills you need to work in a team – these are just a few of the courses we offer. See all of our courses at the Acolad Learning Store. 

Benefits of blended learning

With blended (also known as hybrid) learning, you can find the mix that fits your learning by combining the ease of online self-study with effective instructor-led training. 

Traditional language training, in which a small group is taught in the classroom, is  effective, but unfortunately not very flexible. When you've got last-minute meetings, urgent deadlines, and demanding clients – not to mention personal responsibilities – it can be hard, if not impossible, to find the time for regular meetings with your language trainer. 

Self-study offers much more flexibility – you can study when you want, where you want, without sacrificing language practice and immediate feedback. 

However, online self-study is lacking when it comes to activating and retaining your communication skills – an area where face-to-face classes with a trainer have a strong advantage. Additionally, many learners have difficulty finding the motivation and self-discipline needed to study independently. A personal language trainer may be the key for students who need someone to coach and inspire them. 

With our blended learning packages, you’ll be able to create a learning path that suits your preferences and learning style. Decide when and how you want to study – you’re in control! 

Examples of blended learning

Select a topic or topics from the Acolad Learning Library and combine with as many trainer-led sessions as you need to meet your learning goals. Study either one-to-one with your trainer or with a pair or in a group. Contact us or buy a one-to-one blended package with 4 trainer-led sessions from the Learning Store. 

Improve your business and conversational skills from beginner to intermediate level by combining self-study offered by our partner Rosetta Stone with as many trainer-led one-to-one or group lessons as you need. Contact us for more details. 

Get blended learning as a subscription! Select either Acolad Learning Library or Rosetta Stone as your self-study content and schedule your trainer-led sessions flexibly to fit your learning needs and schedule.  Contact us for more info about the options. 

Education Alliance Finland conducts impact evaluations based on global quality standards for learning solutions. According to Education Alliance Finland's evaluation, Acolad professional courses represent high educational quality and are proven to promote learning efficiently. 

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