Cultural training services

Cultural awareness training for improved communication skills and organizational effectiveness 

The importance of culture.

Cultural differences are a daily reality in the modern multilingual, multicultural business world. 

Give your employees, supervisors, managers and leaders the cultural skills they need to deal with daily interactions, improve team efficiency and mitigate the risks to your operations from miscommunication and misunderstandings. 

  • Create trust in internal and external relationships 
  • Minimize misunderstandings in business negotiation 
  • Improve sales with market knowledge 

Why cultural training?

Whether you’re adjusting to a new working culture or moving abroad for a new career challenge, we customize all our solutions based on your needs. 

We don’t just give you theories and stereotypes related to cultural differences – we give you practical help in situations pivotal to your work, such as meetings, negotiations, giving feedback and managing projects. 

Cultural skills

Multicultural skills training for supervisors

Multicultural team coaching

Expat and inpat coaching

Maximize the return on your investment in cultural training. You will receive personal, first-class training face-to-face or remotely in a flexible format that suits you. 

Our cultural training is provided by professional, experienced and motivating trainers with knowledge of a wide variety of business and professional fields. Multilingual and multicultural training can be arranged in any language for any culture. 

Personal Trainer Calendar

Prepare for your next presentation, team meeting, or negotiation. Improve your spoken skills or your customer service skills, or expand your vocabulary. Train the things you need most in your work. We have even listed some options to choose from in the registration form. 

You will receive confirmation of your registration in an email, which will include the meeting link, a calendar appointment, and the contact details for your coach. The meeting tool does not need to be installed on your computer. 

When you find the time that suits you, click on "Book me" and fill in your details. One 45-minute session costs EUR 85 and can be paid for via your online bank. 

Cross-cultural training services

The Finnish retail chain Kesko operates in the Russian retail market, and its employees need to network fluently and work effectively in joint projects with their Russian counterparts. Insufficient language skills and understanding of the culture were hindering communication, the development of trust and the achievement of goals. 

First, we mapped and tested the employees’ language competences across the organization. Then, we organized training for small groups, pairs and individuals that focused on improving the key elements of project communication. 

We introduced the students to Russian business culture in a practical manner as a part of their language studies. Read more in our reference section: