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Translation connectors and APIs

Integrate your content management systems with Acolad and automate your translation workflows

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Tailor-made integrations

Solutions that are adapted to your workflows.

Perfect for large projects

Ideal for handling large amounts of web content.

Manage multilingual content

Get your content online faster with a seamless translation process.

Easy to use and flexible

Our translation connectors and APIs are easy to integrate into your existing system. You can choose the features you need to create a tailor-made solution. They’re also easy to scale up as your translation needs grow. Our expert solutions architects are there to advise and accompany you throughout the integration process. We’ll work with you to determine your needs and goals and design the solution that is best for your business.

Translation connectors and plug-ins

Connectors and plug-ins eliminate tedious copy-paste and import-export operations. They allow content to be translated and published as is it produced, resulting in significant productivity gains for your company. Automating these processes lets you eliminate time-consuming steps, reduce costs and modernize your multilingual content management process. Our translation connectors and plug-ins are flexible and can be scaled up as your project grows. Translation connectors and plug-ins are the ideal solution for you if you have a large amount of content or product files. They are often used by companies in the e-commerce, luxury, and industrial sectors to translate their website or their documentation.

Translation connectors and plug-ins

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Translation APIs

Acolad’s API (Application Programming Interface) lets you connect your website or editing environment to our translation services, helping you save time on project management and automate certain processes. For example, using an API can allow you to automate ordering translations for new content that’s been added to your website. Our translation API is a secure platform that ensures data security and confidentiality.

Fully customized plug-ins for your business

Our experts will work with you to understand your workflows and existing content management system and help you find a solution that fits your needs. Plug-ins simplify the translation process and make localizing your content a breeze. At Acolad, we’re ready to handle your large integration projects and can create a customized integrated solution for your content management system. Our team can create an integration for your workflows, no matter how large or complex they may be!

Customized plug-ins

Is an integration the right solution for you?

Integrations via translation connectors, plug-ins or APIs are the ideal solution for you if you manage a large amount of web content or product files in several languages. They are often used by companies in the e-commerce, luxury, and industrial sectors. They help streamline the translation process and automatically integrate translated content into a CMS. They are ideal for any company looking to expand globally.

Acolad has connectors and plug-ins for Adobe Experience Manager, Akeneo, Drupal, Episerver, Magento, Quable, SAP Hybris, SFCC, Wordpress, and more.

Translation connectors

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