A tailored solution portfolio for Aerospace companies, focused on optimizing content management workflows towards aviation safety and global compliance

A smooth navigation through complex regulatory environments

Acolad opens the way to digital transformation across aerospace companies, changing how they operate and engage with customers and employees worldwide.  

For the past three decades, we’ve been partnering with leading global airlines and aerospace manufacturers to design, implement and run global content solutions all along their unique value chain. 

From flight operations manuals to maintenance support, our Aerospace content services follow every stage of your technical documentation to deliver secure, updated and accurate information, in line with compliance standards set by regulatory bodies. 

Efficient global content workflows to secure aviation safety, compliance and service excellence

  • Compliance to S1000D, ATA2200 and ATA2300 standards 
  • Adjusted to each aircraft operation mode and procedures 
  • Secure storage in a central platform 
  • Customized interface for each user 
  • Access to dedicated filtered content from different media/devices 
  • Document consistency and standardization, regardless of the source 
  • Easy to use search tools 

Aerospace Global Content Solutions & Translation Services

Delivering multilingual, technical information that meets rigorous industry standards 

Consulting Services

A full range of consulting services for the aerospace sector, supported by multidisciplinary teams with a successful track record of international projects. 

  • Information workflow architecture 
  • Content structuring (Word, SGML, XML, FrameMaker, etc.)  
  • Process design and optimization 
  • Technology recommendation  
  • Project lifecycle management  
  • Performance and compliance assessments 

Language Services

Our highly qualified translation teams ensure the delivery of expertly localized and compliant content in more than 500 language combinations in Aerospace Sector. We have several translation framework contracts with the main Aerospace and Defense actors. 

  • Translation and interpretation services 
  • Terminology management tools and services 
  • Website and software localization 
  • Elearning localization 
  • Quality assurance and linguistic revision  
  • Multilingual content creation 

Global Content Management

Compliance to S1000D and ATA2200 standards, from design to maintenance 

A complete portfolio of content services and tools for aerospace multilingual content production, management, storage and distribution, fully compliant with ATA and S1000D formats. 

  • Content production, translation and revision 
  • Content conversion  
  • Content intelligence 
  • Stylesheets development 
  • Multi-format publishing: XML, PDF, SGML, VML, AR…  
  • Archiving and digitalization 

Digital Experience

Tailored digital platforms to create consistent multichannel experiences in every interaction across your website and business touchpoints. 

  • Multilingual and multi-device websites  
  • Intranets and digital workplaces  
  • Aerospace viewers 
  • Business intelligence  
  • Marketing analytics  
  • Scalable AR/VR applications 

Structured Content Management

Structured authoring, single-source publishing for regulatory compliance and omnichannel product experiences 

  • Collaboration with data and people 
  • Deliver omnichannel content 
  • Centralized Information Management (CCMS) 
  • Integration & Intelligence 

Aerospace Global Content Solution for Maintenance

Compliance with S1000D (1.7, 2.3, 3.0, 4.0, 4.1 & 4.2) or ATA2200 standards, from design to maintenance, for distribution across different media and formats 

Our maintenance manuals content solutions allow aircraft Manufacturers, OEM suppliers and MRO service companies to ensure information is meticulously managed from design through assembly and maintenance. According to your specific needs, our solutions can also include expert services for all stages of your documents’ lifecycle: from authoring to distribution, through translation and publishing. 

Content creation and updates 
For every manual’s new version or correction, you can create, edit and preview all your content in a Data Module oriented practice. 

Multilingual, multichannel publishing 
Streamlined translation processes that automatically generate any output format for any device.

Data monitoring 
Advanced and integrated report tools to give you full control on content compliance monitoring. 

Collaborative review 
Built on top of Common Source Data Base (CSDB) features include: lifecycle and version management, advanced search, access rights management and workflows. 

Aerospace Solution for Flight Ops

Operational and flight manuals tailored to the needs of aircraft and engines manufacturers, while ensuring compliance with ATA 2300 standards 

Combining software modules and expert professional services, our solution optimizes the production and distribution of aircrafts maintenance related information. Enabling systematized document and data distribution, it reduces the risk for human mistake within Aerospace and Defense information flows and processes. 

For Aircraft and Engine Manufacturers 
Producing, managing and publishing FlightOps manuals (AFM, FCOM, WBM, MMEL, QRH) on all platforms including tablet and EFB. 

For Airlines and Air operators 
Merging document updates from the manufacturer into manuals completed by the airlines and delivering outputs adjustable to different devices: paper, intranet, internet, EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) on board, tablets.

Enabling leading Aircraft maintenance & Aviation MRO companies provide world-class aircraft routine inspections, in-depth repairs, overhauling and support services

The user-friendly interface allows maintenance and flight operation teams to easily and securely access the information they need for repairs and maintenance operations. It’s also the platform that allows technical writers to get a quick and accurate preview of their work. Giving a convenient access to dedicated filtered content from different media/devices, our document management solutions feature the following capabilities: 

Browse and search:

  • Browse from TOC 
  • History browsing 
  • Full-text search 
  • Contextual search 
  • Browse through links 
  • Bookmarks and favorites 
  • SNS browsing 
  • Used links history 

Content and graphics display:

  • NTI management 
  • Applicability filtering 

Rich media consultation:

  • Interactive parts data management 
  • Audio and video content 
  • Zoom and/or magnifier (local zoom) 
  • Hotspot management 

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