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Custom translation services

At Acolad, we offer customized services that meet your industry's requirements

Professional translation

Professional translation

We guarantee that you'll receive high-quality translations every time you work with us. Our linguists translate exclusively into their native languages and possess true expertise in your sector. With their writing skills and access to cutting-edge technology, you can enjoy customized services such as personalized translation memories.
Fast service

Fast service

Do you need a last-minute translation? Save time by submitting your order directly online. The Acolad team is happy to take on projects that require short turnaround times. Every project is managed in a way that guarantees true quality and adheres to tight deadlines.
Project management

Project management

Your large, complex projects deserve professional oversight. Our project managers will help you along every step of the way so you can stick to your deadlines. For a more seamless experience, we combine our expertise with a variety of technological resources.
Proofreading and revision

Proofreading and revision

Make sure your translations are accurate and free of mistakes. Our proofreaders check for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors to ensure the quality of your content. They can also improve the style or localize your documents for specific regions.

Technical translation

Technical translation primarily involves complex documents and often has to do with technological fields like computer science, energy, medicine, and more. Linguistic experts with experience in your sector can accurately translate all of your technical documents.
Certified translation

Certified translation

These translations require the utmost attention. Whether your project involves a civil status record, legal deed, notarized document, or administrative document, our translators are qualified and authorized to fulfill any certified translation request you might have.
SEO translation

SEO translation

Your international reach also depends on your online content. By improving your search engine optimization in several languages, you can increase your visibility in your target countries. At Acolad, we combine human expertise with technologies to offer you the most effective SEO translation services.

Language localization

Adapt the content of your website, software, or application to the specific culture of your target country. It's important to consider aspects such as units of measure, currencies, payment methods, date format, addresses, and graphics. The tone of the text and certain visual elements such as colors can also play a key role.
Transcreation services


Transcreation is primarily used for marketing and advertising content, such as slogans. With this approach, you can translate your content without losing the emotional impact of the original. To do so, linguistics experts will adapt your message to your target audience while taking into account its local culture. 
Project solutions - Services

Project Solutions

Benefit from customized solutions that save you time and money with our Project Solutions service. Whether you need advice on the optimal setup of your language workflows and processes or you would like to set up an internal or external language department, we can create a customized project solution for your business. Our team of experts will work with you to find a solution that boosts efficiency, reduces costs, and gives your company a competitive edge.
copywriting services


Is writing not your strong suit? We are happy to create your multilingual content. Our specialized copywriters use their excellent writing skills to create content with high added value. We will deliver high-impact texts—whether in the form of a blog post, product description, or press release—while adhering to your guidelines and timetable.


Whether you're planning a training session, conference, meeting, or negotiation, our specialized interpreters and expert project managers will advise and help you as you prepare for your event. Based on your particular field, we will identify all of your needs and challenges and offer you the interpreting service that suits you best, whether on site or remotely.
Transcription services


Depending on your needs, we can write out all of the speech in your audio and video content, or provide you with a summary. Our linguists can transcribe your meetings, conferences, assemblies, seminars, speeches, and more. We also offer on-site services. For example, a translator can be assigned to attend a meeting or conference, take notes, and then produce a summary.


Post-editing is used in conjunction with machine translation. With help from a translator, who in this case is called a post-editor, post-editing improves the pre-translated text to make it more readable and incorporates your sector's specific terminology.
DTP services

DTP services

For turnkey, multi-lingual documents, we can format your content to suit your needs. We take into account all the constraints that come with complex formats to produce flawless layouts that adhere to your graphic charter.

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