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Custom translation service

At Acolad, we offer customised services that meet your industry's requirements

Professional translation

Professional translation

We guarantee that you'll receive high-quality translations every time you work with us. Our linguists translate exclusively into their native languages and possess true expertise in your sector. With their writing skills and access to cutting-edge technology, you can enjoy customised services such as personalised translation memories.
Fast service

Fast service

Do you need a translation urgently? Don't waste any time, request it directly online. The Acolad team makes sure it meets your requests for urgent translations. Every project is managed in such a way as to guarantee excellent quality while meeting tight deadlines.

Project management

Your complex requests with large volumes require quality professional monitoring. Our project managers support you at every stage of the project and help you meet your deadlines. We combine our expertise with technology for smooth project management.
Proofreading and revision

Proofreading correction

Be sure to have accurate and faultless translations. From spelling to punctuation and grammar, our proofreaders guarantee the quality of your content. They can also improve the style or localise the content depending on the target regions.
technical translation

Technical translation

Technical translation usually involves complex documents relating to technical fields such as IT, energy, medicine, etc. Our expert linguists translate all your technical content with great accuracy.
Certified translation

Certified translation

These kinds of text need to be translated with great vigilance. Our translators have the necessary qualifications and certifications to meet all your requests for certified translations, such as civil status, legal, notarial or administrative documents.
SEO translation

SEO translation

Your international profile is shaped by all your content published on the internet. By improving your natural referencing in several languages, you will increase your reach in your target countries. At Acolad, we combine human know-how with technologies in order to be more efficient.
Language localisation

Language localisation

Adapt the content of your website, software or application to the cultural specificities of your target audience. It is important to take certain factors into account, such as units of measurement, currencies, payment methods, date and address formatting or even graphics. The tone of the communication and certain visual elements, such as colour, can also prove to be essential.
Transcreation services


Transcreation is mainly used for advertising and marketing copy, such as slogans, to translate the essence of a project while retaining all of its emotional power. Our linguistic experts create a cultural adaptation of your message to ensure it is suitable for your target audience. 
Project solutions - Services

Project Solutions

Benefit from customised solutions that save you time and money with our Project Solutions service. Whether you need advice on the optimal setup of your language workflows and processes or you would like to set up an internal or external language department, we can create a customised project solution for your business. Our team of experts will work with you to find a solution that boosts efficiency, reduces costs, and gives your company a competitive edge.
copywriting services


Is writing not your strong suit? Ask us to produce your multilingual content. Our specialised writers use their skills to create content that adds value for your business. By respecting your expectations and deadlines, we deliver texts that will generate an impact, from blog articles to product sheets, including press releases.


Our specialised interpreters and expert project managers will support and advise you in preparing your events, such as training courses, conferences, meetings and negotiations. According to your field of expertise, we identify your needs and challenges together, and offer an adapted interpreting service either on-site or remotely.
Transcription - services


We transcribe words from audio recordings or videos either fully or in synthetic form depending on your needs. Our linguists can also transcribe your interviews, conferences, meetings, seminars, speeches, etc. We can also offer you our services on-site: a translator can attend a meeting or conference and take notes and later draw up a report.
Post editing


The post-editing service complements machine translation. The translator, referred to as “post-editor” in this case, uses his knowledge to harmonise the pre-translated text in order to make it easier to understand and to respect the terminology used in your sector.
DTP services

DTP services

To provide a turnkey service for your multilingual documentation, we also take charge of the layout of your content, when necessary. We take all your requirements for complex support materials into account to produce a flawless layout in compliance with your graphic charter.

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