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What if we all spoke the same language?

Find out how Acolad turns your content into value, by making it local, everywhere.

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Language Services

Your one-stop-shop for your content globalization needs: professional translation, localization and interpreting solutions

Translation Technology

A human-centric approach to technology as the key to your global growth
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Content Solutions

Scalable content strategies to engage your target audiences worldwide
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Digital Solutions

Seamless experiences to your customers, partners and employees
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Industry Expertise

We draw from our extensive cross-industry expertise to devise global content strategies and digital solutions that satisfy your business needs while complying with industry-specific regulations.

A seamless extension of our clients combining the worldwide presence, know-how and innovative portfolio of a global leader with the proximity, agility, and market knowledge of local teams.


Employees across 25 countries


Clients worldwide


Leader in Europe and Top 5 worldwide


Talents dedicated to R&D

“Our multidisciplinary teams have the best experts in their fields. Without their expertise and everyday dedication to each project, Acolad wouldn't have become the global leader we are today."

Olivier Marcheteau
CEO Acolad

Driving globalization excellence across industries and geographies

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Unveiling the Meaning of Machine Translation Quality

Understand the different approaches to evaluate machine translation quality – and what they mean for your localization strategy.

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