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Translation API

Streamline your project workflows with translation APIs

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Speed up projects

Our translation API helps you save time by streamlining your project workflow.

Seamless integration

Our project managers work with you throughout the implementation process for a simple, seamless experience.

Perfect for large projects

The Acolad translation API is ideal for handling large projects quickly while maintaining a high level of quality and consistency.

What is a translation API?

Acolad’s API lets you connect your website or editing environment to our translation services, helping you save time on project management and automate certain processes. For example, using an API can enable you to automatically integrate translated content directly from your content system. Our translation API is a secure platform that ensures data security and confidentiality.

API-rajapinnan hyödyntäminen kääntämisessä

Fast and efficient

Do you have high-volume projects or regularly need your translations quickly? Our API is the perfect solution for you. It helps streamline the translation process and automatically integrates translated content into your CMS. For high-capacity projects such as e-commerce product files, and legal or technical documents, our API helps you translate large volumes quickly and efficiently.

API mahdollistaa nopean ja tehokkaan kääntämisen

Need a quote for your translation project? We’ll get back to you quickly!

Easy to use and flexible

Our API is easy to integrate into your existing system. You can choose the features you need to create a tailor-made solution. It’s also easy to scale up as your translation needs grow. Our expert project managers are there to advise and accompany you throughout the API integration process. We’ll work with you to determine your needs and goals and design the solution that is best for your business.

Helppokäyttöinen ja joustava API-käännösrajapinta

An API can be useful for a variety of clients, for example:

  • Law firms with large, frequent translation projects
  • E-commerce providers who need product descriptions translated quickly
  • IT or technology clients who need to translate and localize apps or software
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