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HealthiVibe case study


"Staff time, QA review, and the back and forth between our companies were significantly reduced."

Case Study, Alfa Laval – Translation


“Acolad acts with speed, they have the quality sense and they are competitive with price – those are the three aspects that I am looking for in a partner.”

Case Study, Biocodex – Elearning


Biocodex needed an easy way to train its personnel located in different countries. Acolad was chosen as the partner and e-learning as the training format.

Global company in the pharmaceutical sector

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Case Study, Esri – Translation and Localisation


“We need to go bigger and faster, and we have gradually migrated from one workflow to another. It was a necessity. Acolad has moved with us in this regard, and has genuinely supported us in these changes.”

“It’s important to realize that we are all intertwined. From Europe to Asia to the Americas – it all works together. In order for us to adapt to our different markets, as a global company, we have to have local content and translations for those local communities.”

Case Study, Verso program – elearning


VERSO-trainers needed a scalable tool to support their training in schools and kindergartens. Elearning was the natural solution and Acolad was selected to provide it.

Case Study, Oras – Elearning


Acolad helped Oras Group to digitalize their popular customer training concept the Faucet school and create several language versions of eTraining.

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