The One-Stop Portal for All Your Translation Projects

Reach global markets and accelerate international growth by using our in-house, all-in-one multilingual content platform

Continuous localization, agile workflows and process automation - all in one place

Empower your teams with the high-quality localized content they need to deliver products and services to global markets and reach international growth. With Acolad’s cloud-based localization and translation platform, you simplify multilingual content management by centralizing and automating translation workflows, while gaining control over timelines and budget.

Powerful but intuitive

Your team will be able to handle any translation or localization project with smooth workflows.

More control

Keep track of project performance from a centralized dashboard with full spend transparency. 

Secure and private

All your content and project data are encrypted to the highest industry standards. 

Simplify your language operations

Centralize and automate your localization workflows seamlessly, even when you’re managing the most complex translation projects. Faster turnaround times, lower costs – simpler, more efficient and scalable translation project management no matter how many languages you’re working with. 

It works when and where you do

A browser-based solution that can be set up from scratch in days, Acolad Portal is accessible wherever you work - on a browser, tablet or mobile. Intuitive for new and experienced users, it also features an array of templates to cut down manual work. An audit trail gives full transparency to your translation workflows and integrated collaboration features help get the most from your teams. 

Make the most of your translations

Maximize your ROI on your translation and localization projects by managing them all in one place – while leveraging innovations like translation memory to increase quality and reliability. Keep instant track of what you’re spending where with standardized quotes. It’s a scalable solution to optimize your content management and customer engagement. 

A personalized experience for each user profile

Multilingual UI

Intuitive, easy-to-learn, easy-to-adopt


Connected to your systems and SSO account


Self-service monitoring and reporting


Work with multiple suppliers on one platform

Take a closer look at the main features of our TMS

Discover how to scale your international projects and control every step.


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