Translation Management System (TMS)

The perfect TMS will be your unique portal for all your translation projects: advanced technology in the background, smooth and easy processes for you!

Our one-stop hub for all your translation projects

Juggling multiple projects, people and priorities while still managing high quality translation projects can be daunting. A centralized hub that makes this act easier is the perfect answer: a cloud-based localization and translation platform, offering more control, more efficiency and transparency – but less complexity! And it comes with a friendly and intuitive interface. 

On any device

Works where you do, with the best user experience on desktop, tablets and smartphones - available 24/7.

You're in control

A centralized dashboard lets you track KPIs, monitoring quote data and other project information.

Secure and private

All content and project data are encrypted to the highest industry standards, ensuring full confidentiality.

The portal is a great tool to validate new translations. It guarantees consistent use of language, improves translation quality and shortens the time to complete new translation projects.

Engineering Manager & Validator of translations
Bossard Spain


One Translation Management System is all you need

If you manage complex and voluminous translation projects for your organization or department, our portal is all you need to centralize and automate localization workflows, working seamlessly and without restrictions. What this means for you tangibly? Faster turnaround times, lower translation costs − and all in all, a simpler, more efficient translation project management! 

Your translation project at your fingertips

Your project communication with us becomes a breeze with the portal: Our TMS guides you through a flexible workflow, constantly adaptable to your needs. Templates reduce manual work, and a detailed audit trail of all project activities provides full transparency. Integrated collaboration features let you send notifications to us and other translation project team members. 

All our quotes come headache-free

Managing translation quotes has just become as simple as it gets; our portal ensures a full overview, anytime. Requesting, reviewing and approving is a smooth, transparent process of a few clicks: standardized, straightforward, fast, efficient and consistent. Reusable templates, automated notifications and a standard quote format are just a few of the time-saving features. 

Many thanks to Acolad and the project team for your time and introduction - the portal is easy to use and convenient.

Global Regulatory Operations Group Leader
Global Pharma Company

Consistency and coherence at your service – that's our TMS

No reference file of any translation project, no glossary, style guide, etc. ever gets lost: Your portal stores and retrieves everything that matters. Thus, consistency is guaranteed, and we provide all necessary guidance to ensure coherent usage of terminology, preferred style and tone, as well as of individual procedural requirements -- across your languages and projects. 

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