Enterprise Terminology Management

Over 90% of global brands agree that consistency is key to customer trust. Terminology management is the base for it all – with us, you get it right.

Why do you need professional enterprise terminology management?

Product names, industry terms, marketing messages … the words you communicate shape the audience's experience across all brand touchpoints. Having a recognizable brand terminology is key to differentiate your business from the competition – and build trust with your customers, teams and partners around the globe. We’re here to help you grow your brand – on your own terms.

Stronger branding

Consistency in enterprise terminology improves end-user understanding and benefits your product branding.

Perfect efficiency

A centralized implementation gives full availability and a consistent terminology to global stakeholders!

Improved quality

Automatic error analysis and systematic quality control support content creation as well as translation.

One reliable source, accessible to all stakeholders

No more disparate meanings, misinterpretations, or inaccurate branding! No matter how complex your linguistic needs are: Let us take care of your entire corporate terminology lifecycle. Why? Because we convert scattered and conflicting business terms into a single lexical resource, always available to the right stakeholders − in an agile and organization-wide environment.

Video: The terminology management client experience

Our client Swiss Precision Diagnostics (SPD) explains how our terminology management cut costs and boosted the quality of their marketing deliverables.

Our end-to-end enterprise terminology management services

From the terminology asset analysis to start with, to terminology creation, maintenance and consolidation, to terminology consultancy/ education and centralization, to the clients' visualization on our platform in the end: We cover it all. Our frameworks integrate fully with intranets, CMS and translation tools for queries, edits and validations of the defined stakeholders.

Intuitive interface and workflows

Our intelligent terminology management application provides easy access to the correct terminology for all stakeholders – coming as a web-based, intuitive interface for an effortless search experience. It requires no installation. The search functionality is comprehensive, offering the possibility to suggest new terms. An optimized term validation workflow is integrated.

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