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Increasing patient engagement in clinical trials through translation

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The Client

Our client is a Fortune 100 life sciences company, whose pharmaceutical arm has been manufacturing drugs for over 50 years. Acolad Life Sciences has been translating clinical trial study documents and patient engagement materials consisting of patient diaries, study promotions, study protocols, and ICFs, among other documents.

The Challenge

Our client, a major global manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, has undergone exponential growth in the number of clinical trials they are conducting worldwide. As a result, the clinical operations team faced a challenge supporting this additional volume with its current processes.

The original process meant the Operations Recruitment Manager (ORM) would reach out to Local Trial Managers (LTMs) to find out which clinical trial engagement materials were needed in their respective regions.

The ORM would then coordinate with the creative agency to create the materials and load them into the client’s eTMF system. Once created, the ORM would send these materials to Acolad for translation.

After translation was completed, Acolad would send files to the LTMs via email for review, before delivering final copies to the ORM. The ORM would then upload the materials to their eTMF and send the materials to the LTMs for final approval.

The Solution

Acolad and the client partnered to implement the following:

  • Pilot project #1: clinical trial translation in 24 languages
    Acolad piloted the use of the Global Translation Center (web-based portal hosted by Acolad) on a study in 24 languages. The intent was to streamline the workflow between the client and Acolad. Acolad worked with the client to roll out and train the client pilot team on the portal. Furthermore, the client team offered useful user feedback, which was incorporated into the portal.
  • Pilot project #2: Surveying the LTMs for clinical trial engagement in 32 languages
    A second pilot was initiated in a 32-language study where Acolad took over the task of surveying the LTMs for clinical trial engagement materials needed. Acolad also worked directly with the external creative agency to obtain materials requiring translation. In addition, Acolad got access to the eTMF system for direct upload/download of materials. Finally, Acolad worked directly with LTMs for review of translated materials.

The Result

The time efficiencies in channeling the study work through the portal were almost immediately apparent. The initial piloted study resulted in a cost savings of 65%.

The Operations Recruitment Manager was relieved of the coordination tasks – freeing this valuable resource to take on more studies. Due to efficiencies in workflow – 3 weeks was shaved from the standard turnaround time

All told, the customer recognized a 50% reduction in costs, and a 20-30% savings in time typically needed by their team to produce the materials for their studies.

As a result of this, Acolad won the opportunity to work on further studies as the Language Service Provider of choice.

The level of trust and collaboration between Acolad and this client is allowing further evolution of the process for continuous improvement and efficiencies. In doing this, the client team can step back from having to manage the translation process and further focus on meeting the increased internal demand to support more studies as they continue to grow.

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